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Descendants of Lowi

Lowi Magaziner

Lowi Magaziner was the oldest person named "Magaziner" found in available records of Homonna, Hungary. He was the father of Fani Magaziner Meisels. I assume he was also the father of brothers Anchell and Samuel Magaziner, because he was the only person in the available records with that surname who was old enough to be their father. Lowi was a witness at the birth of Samuel's first grandchild, Moritz Weinberger. In addition, both Anchell and Samuel have descendants with names similar to "Lowi" who were born after Lowi's death: Samuel's son Lob (Albert), Henry's son Israel Lob, Emil's son Lovi, and Rezi's son Lovi Leanif (Lajos). Lowi was probably married to a woman named Lea. Lea Magaziner appears in the Homonna death registry around the same time as Lowi, is about the same age, and resided at the same address.

Lowi was born in Homonna around 1785. He worked as an innkeeper, an occupation later pursued by his daughter-in-law, Sari Ganzfried, and his grandson, Emil. Lea was born around 1783. They probably married in the early 1800s. They had at least one daughter, Fani, and I assume at least two sons, Samuel and Anchell. They may also be the parents or grandparents of some of the other Magaziners, whose relationship I cannot prove or disprove, particularly Ester, who married Jakob Klein and had a daughter Johana (b. 1847); and perhaps Hani, who married Mor Goldstein and had a daughter Regina (b. 1860).

Lea died in Homonna on April 1, 1855, at the age of 72. Lowi died in Homonna on December 11, 1856, at the age of 71.

Children of Lowi Magaziner and Lea include:

  1. Anchell Magaziner (d: BEF 1853)
  2. Samuel Magaziner (b: 1813; d: 17 NOV 1890)
  3. Fani Magaziner (b: 1824; d: 8 MAY 1902)

Generation #2

Anchell Magaziner (Antsil; Antsel; Anton)

I have found no record of the birth, marriage or death of Anchell Magaziner, but he is mentioned in several other records. Henry Magaziner's death record gives his father's name as Anchell, and variations on that name (Antsil; Antsel; Anton) appear as the father in the birth records of Emil, Miryam and Jakob, and as the godfather on another record. He is the brother of Samuel, because Anchell's grandson Hugo married Samuel's granddaughter Sadie and the marriage record says they are second cousins.

Anchell apparently married twice. His son Henry's death record identifies his mother as Sarah Cooper, but his son Emil's mother is Sari (Schondel) Ganzfried. It is possible that they are the same woman, because the given name is similar and "Cooper" is obviously not the original Hungarian surname, but I assume they are two different women.

I have found no information about Sarah Cooper, other than the name, which as I said is clearly not the original Hungarian name. She was married to Anchell before 1836, when Henry was born. If she is not the same person as Sari (Schondel) Ganzfried, then she probably died before 1839, when Hannah was born.

Schondel was born in Ungvar around 1818. It is possible that she is related to famous Rabbi Solomon Ganzfried, author of the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, who was also from Ungvar and lived in Homonna for a time. It seems unlikely, though, that the very assimilated Magaziners would be marrying into the family of an Orthodox rabbi who spoke out against the Neologs (early Hungarian Reform Judaism).

Anchell died before 1853, when a widow named Schondel Magaziner married Nahum Weiszberg in Homonna. Nahum died on July 1, 1869. Schondel appears as a widow in the 1869 census under her maiden name, Sari Ganzfried, with children Emil Magaziner and Sofi Weiszberg. Sari was identified as an innkeeper in the census. She was also identified as an innkeeper on daughter Hannah's marriage record.

Schondel died on November 11, 1874 in Humenne, Hungary. She was identified as an innkeeper on that death registration. Anchell's granddaughter, born two months later, was given the name Scheindel (later known as Anna), probably in her honor. Schondel's death registration gives her age as 68, putting her birth around 1806, easily old enough to be Henry's mother.

Several of Anchell's grandchildren and nephews were named after him: Rezi's son Ansel Weinberger (b. 1856), Henry's son Anthony (b. 1862), Hannah's son Anthony Jacoby (b. 1868) several of Hannah's grandsons, and Emil's son Anthony (b. 1875).

Children of Anchell Magaziner and Sarah Cooper include:

  1. Henry Magaziner (Heinrich, Henrik) (b: 3 JUL 1836; d: 22 JAN 1909)

Children of Anchell Magaziner and Sari (Schondel) Ganzfried include:

  1. Hannah Magaziner (Hani; Johanna) (b: 1839; d: 14 MAY 1888)
  2. Emil Magaziner (Manuel) (b: 10 JAN 1843)
  3. Miryam Magaziner (b: 8 AUG 1844)
  4. Jakob Magaziner (b: 16 FEB 1846)

Samuel Magaziner

Samuel (Samu) Magaziner was born in Humenne in 1813. He worked as a carpenter and a merchant. He married several times and apparently had at least 14 children over the course of 35 years. The earliest wife I have found is Julia Wickman, whose name appears on the death certificate for Samuel's daughter Johanna Magaziner (born 1839). Next is Rozalia Rosenzweig, who appears on the death certificate for David (born 1843).

Samuel later married Sarah Katz, daughter of Rabbi Yitzchak Katz. Sarah was born around 1816. She died on March 10, 1856, and is buried in the Jewish cemetery in Humenne. The name Sarah appears on birth records for Perl and the death record for Pauline. This may be the mother identified as Sali on the death certificate of Fanny.

Finally Samuel married Eszter Jacubovits. Eszter was born in Zeteny in 1830. She appears with Samuel in the 1869 census. She is quite probably the same Eszter Magaziner, a married woman, who died in Humenne on October 16, 1883, though the information in that death record is not clear.

Samuel died as a widower in Humenne on November 17, 1890, at the age of 77.

Children of Samuel Magaziner by various wives include:

  1. Jozsef Magaziner (b: 1832; d: 8 MAR 1890)
  2. Adolf Magaziner (b: BET 1833 AND 1836; d: 9 OCT 1890)
  3. Rezi Magaziner (b: 1835; d: 22 MAY 1870)
  4. Johanna Magaziner (Hani) (b: APR 1839; d: 2 MAY 1907)
  5. Fanny Magaziner (b: 1841; d: 16 OCT 1903)
  6. Isak Magaziner (b: 17 NOV 1842)
  7. David Magaziner (b: 1843; d: 15 JAN 1911)
  8. Eszter Magaziner (b: 13 OCT 1845) (but this may be Pauline)
  9. Pauline Magaziner (b: 15 MAR 1846; d: 31 JAN 1904)
  10. Perl Magaziner (b: 17 AUG 1852) (but this may be Pauline)
  11. Sara Magaziner (Sali) (b: 2 APR 1858; d: 20 JUN 1889)
  12. Lajos Levi Magaziner (Louis) (b: 27 JUL 1860; d: 8 MAY 1939)
  13. Albert Magaziner (Lob; Berti; Bertalan) (b: 4 SEP 1865; d: 18 MAR 1932)
  14. Helena Magaziner (b: 1867)

Fani Magaziner Meisels (Feige)

Fani and her descendants and their spouses are discussed on her own page HERE.

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