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Emil's Tree

Emil Magaziner (Manuel)

Emil Magaziner (born Manuel) was Henry's younger brother, born in Humenne on 10 Jan 1843 or 1844. In the 1869 census, he was living in Humenne with his mother, Sari Ganzfried. Sari was widowed both by Emil and Henry's father Anchell and also by her second husband, Nahum Weiszberg. Sari was an innkeeper in Humenne, and Emil followed in her footsteps, becoming an innkeeper in Satoraljaujhely (Ujhely), a town about 50 miles from Humenne. Later, he was a coffeeshop owner there.

In February 1871, Emil married Etelka Balkanyi in Kisvarda. Etelka was born in Kisvarda around 1850. They lived in Humenne until 1878, and had at least five children there. They then moved to Ujhely, where they had at least two more children, though those two did not survive infancy.

Emil was still living in 1891, when he was listed as an innkeeper in a Hungarian business directory. In 1901, he was a coffeeshop owner. I have found no record of him or Etelka after that time.

Children of Emil Magaziner and Etelka Balkanyi include:

  1. Ruchel Magaziner (b: 4 DEC 1871; d: Holocaust)
  2. Serena Magaziner (Sali) (b: 11 AUG 1873; d: 19 NOV 1951)
  3. Anthony Balkany (Antal Magaziner; Antal Balkanyi) (b: 10 FEB 1875; d: 25 JUL 1958)
  4. Lajos Balkanyi (Lovi Magaziner) (b: 24 JAN 1876)
  5. Nandor Magaziner (Nuchern) (b: 11 MAR 1877; d: 26 SEP 1882)
  6. Gyula Magaziner (b: 30 SEP 1878; d: 14 OCT 1878)
  7. Jeno Magaziner (b: 26 MAR 1880; d: 9 APR 1880)

Generation #4

Ruchel Magaziner Nagy

Ruchel Magaziner was born on December 4, 1871 in Humenne. She is probably the 17-year-old Rosa Magaziner from Ujhely who visited New York in October 1888, though markings on the manifest seem to indicate that Rosa died in transit. Ruchel married Markusz Nagy some time before 1895. Markusz was born as Markusz Klempovics in Battyan, Hungary on February 28, 1866. He changed his surname to Nagy in 1894. Ruchel and Markusz had at least two children.

Ruchel and Markusz perished in the Holocaust.

Children of Ruchel Magaziner and Markusz Nagy include:

  1. Bela Nagy (b: 20 JUL 1895 in Satoraljaujhely)
  2. Sandor Nagy (b: 21 OCT 1900 in Satoraljaujhely)

Serena Magaziner Schwartz (Sali Magaziner)

Serena Schwartz, 1921 Passport
Serena 1921

Sali Magaziner was born on August 11, 1873 in Humenne. In September 1889, at the age of 16, she emigrated alone from Ujhely to New York on the Augusta Victoria under the name Serena Magaziner.

On June 24, 1906, Serena was living in Philadelphia and working as a forelady when she married a much younger man, Isaac Louis Schwartz. Isaac was born in Philadelphia on November 8, 1884, but he claimed to be born in 1880 on the marriage record. Serena also claimed a different age on the marriage license, reporting her date of birth as August 10, 1879. After the marriage, she claimed to be even younger than that. Isaac was the son of Austrian immigrants. He was working as a salesman at the time of the marriage, but rose to become a manager for S.F. Hayward & Co., a company that supplied firefighting equipment for fire departments. Later, he was a co-founder of Schwartz Protective Systems, a fire alarm protection business. Serena and Isaac had two children.

When Serena's brother Anthony came to America, he used Serena as his contact in Philadelphia and identified her as his sister.

Serena died in Philadelphia of cerebral hemorrhage on November 11, 1951, at the age of 78. Her attending physician was her Magaziner cousin William. She was buried at Roosevelt Cemetery in Trevose outside Philadelphia. Isaac died on February 11, 1972 and was buried with Serena at Roosevelt.

Children of Serena Magaziner and Isaac Louis Schwartz are:

  1. Ruth Schwartz (b: 21 JUL 1907; d: 27 JUN 1987)
  2. Anthony Henry Schwartz (b: 21 OCT 1911; d: 30 JAN 1985)

Anthony Balkany (Antal Magaziner; Antal Balkanyi)

Anthony Balkany, early 1930s family portait

Antal Magaziner was born on February 10, 1875 in Humenne. He worked as a portrait photographer in his own studio, and some examples of his work can be found on the Internet. Around 1900, he married Ida Fried in Debrecen, Hungary on August 6, 1901. Ida was born in Debrecen on May 10, 1877. They had two daughters. In 1903, between the births of his two daughters, he changed his surname to Balkanyi (his mother's maiden name) so the first daughter was born Magaziner and the second was born Balkanyi. Antal set up a studio in Debrecen, Hungary under the name Antal Balkanyi around that time.

Encouraged by his sister Serena, Antal came to America in January 1914, leaving his wife and daughters behind in Debrecen, Hungary. He still considered himself married at that time, and identified "Wife I Balkanyi" as his contact in the home country, but the wife and daughters never emigrated to America. Antal came to Philadelphia on the S.S. Prinz Oskar. Serena was his contact in America (identified as "sister I Schwartz," because she was married to Isaac Schwartz by that time). In America, he went by Anthony Balkany.

Anthony initially settled in Detroit, Michigan, where he set up a photography studio. He initially sought naturalization in Detroit in 1919, but was denied because his family was still in Hungary. Later, Anthony moved to Bridgeport, Connecticut and set up another photography studio. He traveled back to Hungary in 1931, possibly to formalize his divorce from Ida, and that is probably when the picture at above was taken (click to see the full family picture, including his daughters, their husbands, and his granddaughters). Anthony completed his naturalization in Connecticut a few months after his return, identifying himself as divorced.

In Bridgeport, Anthony remarried to Emma Eisler, also a Hungarian immigrant, in the early 1930s. He continued to work as a photographer until the late 1940s, when he was in his 70s. It is not clear whether Anthony knew that his second cousin, Elsa Ersi, moved to Connecticut shortly before he died.

Anthony died in Bridgeport on July 25, 1958, at the age of 83. He apparently converted to Christianity at some point, because his funeral was performed by a pastor at a United Congregational church. He was buried at Lawncroft cemetery, the same cemetery where Emma's parents were buried around the same time. Emma never remarried. She died on August 7, 1997 in Bridgeport.

Children of Anthony Balkany and Ida Fried include:

  1. Roza Balkanyi (Regina Magaziner) (b: 29 APR 1902; d: 1990)
  2. Edit Balkanyi (b: 9 JUN 1903; d: 27 OCT 1989)

Lajos Balkanyi (Lovi Magaziner)

Lovi Magaziner was born in Humenne on January 24, 1876. Like his brother Anthony, he took his mother's maiden name as his surname in 1903, and went by Lajos Balkanyi. He worked as a pharmacist.

Around 1905, he married Ernesztina Fuhrmann, the daughter of a doctor from Prague. She was born around 1886. Lajos died before Zsuzsanna's 1929 marriage. Ernesztina was living at that time.

Children of Lajos Balkanyi and Ernesztina Fuhrmann include:

  1. Zsuzsanna Maria Balkanyi (b: 8 SEP 1908)

Nandor Magaziner (Nuchern)

Nuchern Magaziner was born in Humenne on March 11, 1877. I assume he is the same person as Emil and Etelka's son Nandor Magaziner, who died in Ujhely on September 26, 1882. The death record does not state how old he was, but it does say that he was born in Humenne, so I assume they are the same person.

Generation #5

Bela Nagy

Bela Nagy was born in Satoraljaujhely (Ujhely) on July 20, 1895, the son of Ruchel Magaziner and Markusz Nagy. JewishGen's transcript of the birth record gives his gender as Female (the name can go either way), but the original birth record clearly indicates that he was male and was circumcised on July 27. The original record also indicates that he converted to Catholicism at some point.

Bela married Margit Kolozs in Budapest on December 16, 1934. Margit was born in Budapest on May 29, 1907. She was Catholic, and Bela was also Catholic by that time. Bela worked as a pharmacist. He may be the Bela Nagy who was listed as a survivor of the Dachau concentration camp, because the date of birth is close to correct (27 July 1895), but the place of birth is different, the name is very common, and it is not clear whether that survivor was male or female. I have found no other records of Bela or Margit.

Sandor Nagy

Sandor Nagy was born in Satoraljaujhely (Ujhely) on October 21, 1900, the son of Ruchel Magaziner and Markusz Nagy. He married Erzsebet Leso in Budapest on April 28, 1925. Erzsebet was born in Satoraljaujhely on March 31, 1901. The marriage was short-lived. Erzsebet died within a few years.

On September 18, 1932, Sandor remarried to Anna Katona in Budapest. Anna was born on December 13, 1910. She was Catholic. I have found no record of them after their marriage.

Ruth Schwartz Karfunkle Reinheimer

Bertrum Karfunkle, high school yearbook
Bertrum 1914

Marie Ruth Schwartz was born in Philadelphia on July 21, 1907, the daughter of Serena Magaziner and Isaac Louis Schwartz. She was known by her middle name. Ruth attended University of Pennsylvania, graduating in 1928.

Ruth married Bertrum Mervine Karfunkle in Philadelphia on March 26, 1929. Bertrum Karfunkle was born in Youngstown, Ohio on October 3, 1896. Bertrum served in the navy during World War I. After the war, he worked as hardware salesman. They had 2 sons. Bertrum died on January 8, 1951 in Philadelphia and was buried at Roosevelt Cemetery in Trevose outside of Philadelphia.

In 1957, Ruth remarried to Milton Ludwig Reinheimer. Like Ruth, Milton was widowed with adult children. Milton was born in Philadelphia on March 19, 1889.

Milton died on October 15, 1971. Ruth died on June 27, 1987.

Children of Ruth Schwartz and Bertrum Mervine Karfunkle are:

  1. Richard David Karfunkle (b: 18 OCT 1932; d: 19 JUL 1992)

Anthony Henry Schwartz

Anthony Schwartz
Anthony, 1971

Anthony Henry Schwartz was born in Philadelphia on October 21, 1911, the son of Serena Magaziner and Isaac Louis Schwartz. He attended Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and became a Certified Public Accountant. He served in the army as a major during World War II. He worked as president of Schwartz Protective Systems, a fire protection systems company co-founded by his father.

On August 9, 1954, Anthony married Ruth Friedenberg, a divorcee with two daughters.

Anthony died on January 30, 1985. Ruth Friedenberg remarried after Anthony's death and died on March 5, 2008.

Roza Balkanyi Reich (Regina Magaziner)

Jozsef Reich, early 1930s family portait
Jozsef, 1930
Roza Balkanyi, early 1930s family portait
Roza, 1930

Regina Magaziner was born in Satoraljaujhely, Hungary on April 29, 1902, the daughter of Anthony Balkany (formerly Antal Magaziner) and Ida Fried. Anthony changed the family name to Balkanyi when Regina was a little girl, and she later went by Roza Balkanyi.

Roza married Jozsef Reich in Debrecen on June 16, 1921. Jozsef was born in Bihardioszeg, Hungary on June 11, 1896. He worked as a men's clothing dealer. They had one daughter. Jozsef died in 1971. Roza died in 1990.

Children of Roza Balkanyi and Jozsef Reich are:

  1. Judith Reich (b: 11 SEP 1923; d: 1 JAN 2001)

Edit Balkanyi Gottlieb

Frigyes Gottlieb, early 1930s family portait
Frigyes, 1930
Edit Balkanyi, early 1930s family portait
Edit, 1930

Edit Balkanyi was born in Debrecen, Hungary on June 9, 1903, the daughter of Anthony Balkany (formerly Antal Magaziner) and Ida Fried. Edit married Frigyes Gottlieb in Debrecen on April 29, 1926. Frigyes was born in Csomakoz (now Ciumesti, Romania) on June 2, 1896. He worked as a merchant. They had one daughter.

Edit died on October 27, 1989, at the age of 86. In her obituary, she was identified as Mrs. Frigyes Gottlieb, born Edit Magaziner, so she had not remarried at that time, but it is not clear if Frigyes was still living.

Children of Edit Balkanyi and Frigyes Gottlieb are:

  1. Anna Gottlieb (b: 15 SEP 1927)

Zsuzsanna Maria Balkanyi Csallner

Zsuzsanna Maria Balkanyi was born in Budapest on September 8, 1908, the daughter of Lajos Balkanyi and Ernesztina Fuhrmann. Zsuzsanna married Oszkar Gottfried Csallner. Oszkar was a widower 18 years older than Zsuzsanna, born in Beszterc, Hungary on May 6, 1890. He was a Lutheran, and so was Zsuzsanna at the time of their marriage. He worked as a bank officer.

Zsuzsanna and Oszkar apparently had at least one child, because an Oszkar Csallner was born about 18 months after they married and the name Csallner is even more rare than Magaziner! The younger Oszkar passed away in 2011.

Oszkar died of stomach cancer in Budapest on October 21, 1951. Zsuzsanna apparently survived him.

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