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Jozsef's Tree

Jozsef Magaziner

Jozsef Magaziner was born in Humenne in 1832, the son of Samuel. I have found no record of Jozsef's mother's name, but I assume his mother was Julia Wickman, who was the mother of Jozsef's younger sister Johanna.

Jozsef was a physician. He went to Eperjes College starting in 1847. On October 30, 1859, Jozsef married Antonia Neufeld in Budapest. Antonia was born in Gyor, Hungary in 1838. She was the older sister of Adolf's wife, Johanna. Jozsef and Antonia moved to Beregszasz, then a part of Austria-Hungary, now Berehove, Ukraine. They had at least six children there. Jozsef became a vintner in Beregszasz. In 1880, the first wine show was held in Bereg county, and Jozsef won a silver medal and an honorable mention for his wines.

The family later moved back to Budapest. Jozsef died in Budapest on March 8, 1890, of stomach cancer and congestive heart failure. He was 57, young for a Magaziner. He was buried at Salgotarjani ut, an elite Jewish cemetery in Budapest. Antonia died in Budapest on October 13, 1901 and was buried at Kozma Utcai Izraelita Temeto, another Jewish cemetery in Budapest. Several other members of the family are buried at Kozma Utca.

Children of Jozsef Magaziner and Antonia Neufeld include:

  1. Lujza Magaziner (b: 1861; d: 1944)
  2. Roza Magaziner (b: MAY 1864; d: 25 MAR 1959)
  3. Ilona Magaziner (b: 9 JUN 1868)
  4. Bela Magaziner (Baroch) (b: 7 AUG 1870; d: 5 AUG 1916)
  5. Regina Magaziner (b: 29 JUL 1873; d: 18 DEC 1960)
  6. Aurel Magaziner (b: 19 FEB 1877; d: 6 MAR 1945)

Generation #4

Lujza Magaziner Fischer

Lujza Magaziner was born in Beregszasz around 1861. She married Lipot Fischer in Beregszasz on May 7, 1882. Lipot was born in Bacs Foldvar in 1855. He worked as a merchant at the time they married, and later for the Magyar-Franczia biztositó rt. vezértitkára [Hungarian-French Insurance Company]. They lived in Szeged through most of their marriage and had four children, although one of them apparently died young.

Lipot died in Szeged of atherosclerosis on February 10, 1942 at the age of 86, approaching their 60th wedding anniversary. The witness on his death registration was grandson George Herman. He was buried at the Jewish cemetery in Szeged. Lujza was an 83-year-old widow living in Szeged when the German army arrived in 1944 and rounded up all of the Jews into the local brick factory. From there, Lujza was deported to Auschwicz, where she died.

Children of Lujza Magaziner and Lipot Fischer:

  1. Geza Fuzes (b: 15 JUN 1883; d: 23 JUL 1951)
  2. Ilona Rivka Fischer (b: 20 SEP 1885)
  3. Erno Fischer (b: 11 NOV 1887; d: 6 JUL 1916)
  4. Laszlo Fischer (b: 25 OCT 1889)

Roza Magaziner Heller

Roza Magaziner was born in Beregszasz in May 1864. On May 20, 1888, she married Elek Sandor Heller in Budapest. Elek was born in Lokut Hungary in 1853. They had at least four children though one died very young.

Elek died in Budapest from heart weakening on February 14, 1931. Roza survived him by more than 25 years but she never remarried. She died of pneumonia in Budapest on March 25, 1959 and was buried at Farkasreti Cemetery. On her death certificate, she was identified as Rachel.

Children of Roza Magaziner and Elek Heller include:

  1. Maria Heller (b: 2 MAR 1889 in Budapest)
  2. Jozsef Heller (b: 19 MAR 1892; 23 AUG 1952)
  3. Pal Heller (b: 2 MAY 1894 in Budapest; d: 31 OCT 1894)
  4. Jeno Hellei (Jeno Heller) (b: 11 JAN 1896 in Budapest; d: 12 FEB 1980)

Bela Magaziner (Baroch)

Baroch Magaziner was born on August 7, 1870 in Beregszasz. He later used the name Bela Magaziner, sometimes spelled Magacziner. Bela was an engineer. He married Szerena Boczan in Budapest on July 11, 1909. Szerena was born in Szeged on May 21, 1885. Her name appears in Bela's death record as Terezia. Bela and Szerena had at least one child.

Bela died in Budapest on August 5, 1916, at the age of 46. He was buried at Kozma Utcai Izraelita Temeto in Budapest, near his mother's grave. Szerena was only 30 years old when Bela died, with a 6-year-old son. In 1921, she remarried to Ewald Redlich, a brother of Aurel's wife Alvina Redlich. Szerena and Ewald perished at Auschwitz during the Holocaust.

Children of Bela Magaziner and Szerena Boczan include:

  1. Zoltan Magaziner (b: 14 APR 1910; d: 10 DEC 1936)

Regina Magaziner Weisz

Regina Magaziner was born on July 29, 1873 in Beregszasz. On November 19, 1895, Regina married Adolf Weisz in Budapest, Hungary. Adolf was a traveling salesman. He was born on March 31, 1862 in Budapest. They had at least two children, though they may have had more because the two I have found were born 10 years apart.

Regina died of a heart problem in Budapest on December 18, 1960. She was 87 years old. Adolf died before Gizella's 1923 marriage, but I have not found his death record.

Children of Regina Magaziner and Adolf Weisz include:

  1. Gizella Weisz (b: 15 AUG 1896; d: 30 AUG 1960)
  2. Claire Weiss (b: 13 OCT 1906; d: 6 AUG 1997)

Aurel Magaziner

Aurel Magaziner was born on February 19, 1877 in Beregszasz. The sendak at his bris was Vilmos Meisels, possibly his father's first cousin though that cousin had moved to America ten years earlier so this may have been someone else.

Aurel worked as an exchange agent. He married Alvina Redlich in Budapest on May 15, 1909. Alvina was born on May 1, 1881 in Budapest. They had at least one child, Edit, who died of scarlet fever at the age of 10. I have not found any record of any other children.

Aurel died of intestinal disease in Budapest on March 6, 1945 and was buried at Kozma Utcai Izraelita Temeto in Budapest. Alvina's name appears in a list of Holocaust survivors, though the list gives no information about her experience during that dark time. Alvina died on August 27, 1959 of myocardial rupture and is buried with Aurel, under the name Magaziner Aurélné ("Mrs. Aurel Magaziner").

Children of Aurel Magaziner and Alvina Redlich include:

  1. Edit Magaziner (b: 1910; d: 25 NOV 1920)

Generation #5

Geza Fuzes

Geza Fischer was the son of Lipot Fischer and Lujza Magaziner. He was born on June 15, 1883 in Bacs-Bodrog, the county of Lipot's Bacs Foldvar. Later in life, he took the name Geza Fuzes. Geza served as a Lieutenant in the Austro-Hungarian Empire's 82nd Infantry during World War I and was for a time missing in action on the Russian front.

Geza married Maria Paula Lubojatzky in Budapest on May 29, 1926. Maria was born in Troppau (now Opava in the Czech Republic) on April 2, 1894. She was Roman Catholic, and Geza converted to Catholicism in 1939. They apparently had one child, Ili Fischer, who was mentioned in Lipot's obituary, though I have found no other record of that child or even if the child was male or female.

Geza died of tuberculosis on July 23, 1951 in Budapest. Maria died of pneumonia in Budapest on May 29, 1966.

Children of Geza Fuzes and Maria Paula Lubojatzky are:

  1. Ili Fischer

Ilona Rivka Fischer Hermann

Ilona Rivka Fischer was born in Szeged, Hungary on September 20, 1885, the daughter of Lipot Fischer and Lujza Magaziner. She married Miksa Hermann in Szeged on December 2, 1906. Miksa was born in Liptoszentmiklos, Slovakia on December 23, 1870. His parents and siblings lived in New York, and Miksa maintained a home there in Forest Hills, Flushing. He frequently traveled between Europe and New York, where he used the name Max and referred to his wife as Helen. The family's permanent residence was in Budapest.

Miksa, Ilona and their son Gyorgy traveled to New York together in 1926. The ship manifest indicates that they were moving to New York permanently, but that did not happen. Miksa made another trip to New York in 1933 and his contact in Hungary was his wife Helen (Ilona) living in Budapest. Ilona, Miksa and Gyorgy were deported to Auschwicz with Ilona's mother Lujza in 1944. Gyorgy, 35 years old at the time, was put in a forced labor battalion and survived, marrying a Holocaust widow in Szeged in 1947. Ilona and Miksa probably died in the camp, because Gyorgy's 1947 marriage record indicates that they had passed away by that time. Gyorgy became an American citizen in New York 1954 and he and his wife lived in New York until they passed away.

Children of Ilona Rivka Fischer and Miksa Hermann are:

  1. George Herman (b: 17 OCT 1909; d: 7 DEC 1985)

Erno Fischer

Erno Fischer was born in Szeged, Hungary on November 11, 1887, the son of Lipot Fischer and Lujza Magaziner. Like his older brother Geza, Erno served on the Russian front in the Austro-Hungarian Empire's Infantry during World War I. In a battle near the town of Stanislau (now Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine), he was shot several times. He died at a nearby mobile army hospital on July 6, 1916 at the age of 28 and was buried at a Jewish cemetery in Stanislau.

Laszlo Fischer

Laszlo Fischer was born in Szeged, Hungary on October 25, 1889, the son of Lipot Fischer and Lujza Magaziner. He was not mentioned in his brother Erno's 1916 obituary, so he certainly died before that time, probably very young because he wasn't even mentioned as someone who had already passed.

Maria Heller Fischer

Maria Heller was born in Budapest on March 2, 1889, the daughter of Elek Heller and Roza Magaziner. On February 4, 1912, Maria married Dr. Gusztav Fischer, a physician, in Budapest. Gusztav was born on August 2, 1885. They had a daughter.

Gusztav perished at Nagycenk Camp in the Holocaust. Maria survived him and was living in London when her mother died in 1959. I have found no further record of her.

Children of Maria Heller and Gusztav Fischer are:

  1. Eva Foldvari (b: 24 JUL 1913)

Jozsef Heller Jozsef Heller

Jozsef Heller was born in Budapest on March 19, 1892, the son of Elek Heller and Roza Magaziner. He was a painter, and the picture of at the right is his own work, a self-portrait. He apparently never married.

Jozsef died of stomach cancer in Balassagyarmat, Hungary on August 23, 1952 at the age of 60.

Jeno Hellei (Jeno Heller)

Heller-Gaal Connection Jeno Heller was born in Budapest on January 11, 1896, the son of Elek Heller and Roza Magaziner. He was an architect. He apparently served in Hungary's military in World War I, because a notation about him being a tuzharcos ("fire fighter," a term for World War I veterans) was added to his marriage record under a 1938 Hungarian law regarding veterans. Jeno converted to Catholicism at some time before 1928.

On January 15, 1928, Jeno married Lili Gaal in Budapest. Lili was born on November 26, 1900 in Budapest. Lili was Jeno's second cousin on the Magaziner side: Lili's grandmother, Johanna Magaziner, was the sister of Jeno's grandfather, Jozsef Magaziner. See illustration. Lili was still Jewish, and their marriage record indicates that they agreed to raise the children of the marriage Jewish, though I have found no record of whether the marriage produced children.

Jeno changed his surname to Hellei in 1946. He died of a stroke on February 12, 1980, at the age of 84. He was buried at Kozma Utcai Izraelita Temeto, where many of the Budapest Magaziners were buried. Lili died on January 10, 1989 after a long illness and was buried with Jeno.

Zoltan Magaziner

Zoltan Magaziner was born in Budapest on April 14, 1910, the son of Bela Magaziner and Szerena Boczan. His name is spelled "Magacziner" in both his birth and marriage records, the same spelling that was used on his grandfather Jozsef's tombstone. Zoltan was an up-and-coming young businessman at the Magyar Pamutipar (Hungarian Cotton Industry).

Eva Margit Schweiger

On November 8, 1934, Zoltan married Eva Margit Schweiger. Eva was born in Szeged on February 12, 1916. Zoltan and Eva had a son Gyuri around January, 1936.

The expense of his new wife and son were more than Zoltan could afford, and he came to be in debt. On December 9, 1936, a creditor came to his office to collect a debt equivalent to a month of his salary. Zoltan ran up to the fourth floor of the building and threw himself out a window, landing on the glass roof over a courtyard. His bloodied and broken body was taken to the hospital but died early the next morning. Zoltan was buried at Kozma Utcai Izraelita Temeto. Zoltan's close cousin, also named Zoltan Magaziner, assured a local newspaper that he was not the Zoltan Magaziner who had died in this incident, perhaps because the other Zoltan's father had committed suicide four years earlier.

Eva apparently remarried to someone named Herzog and survived the Dachau concentration camp under that name. She was sent there with her older sister, Ilona Vas. Eva later married Walter Peters, a World War II soldier from New Jersey, and came to America under the War Brides Act. Zoltan and Eva's son Gyuri had probably died by that time because he did not come to America with her and he would have been only 11 at the time, and no more than 9 when Eva was sent to Dachau.

Eva died in El Paso, Texas on December 1, 1995 and was buried in Texas with Walter. I have found no information about what became of Eva and Zoltan's young son. Neither the child nor any of Eva's life in Hungary is mentioned in her Texas obituary. He was not transferred to Dachau with Eva and her sister, but that transfer included only adult women.

Children of Zoltan Magaziner and Eva Margit Schweiger are:

  1. Gyuri Magaziner (b: ABT 1936)

Gizella Weisz Hoffman Kiss

Gizella Weisz was born in Budapest on August 15, 1896. She was the daughter of Regina Magaziner and Adolf Weisz. She married Artur Hoffmann in Budapest on September 18, 1923. Arthur was born in Budapest on March 18, 1894. They had a son in March, 1925 but he died within a day from congenital weakness and was never named. I have found no record of whether they had any other children. Arthur's parents' obituaries mention a grandchild named Klári Hoffmann, but this could be a child of Arthur's brother I have found no further information about this couple.

Gizella remarried to Zoltan Kiss in Budapest in 1955. It's not clear whether her marriage to Arthur ended in death or divorce. Gizella died on August 30, 1960 in Budapest. Zoltan survived her.

Children of Gizella Weisz and Artur Hoffmann:

  1. Unnamed Hoffmann (b: 25 MAR 1925; d: 26 MAR 1925)

Claire Weiss-Herczeg (Klara Weisz)

Claire Weiss-Herczeg

Klára Weisz was born in Budapest on October 13, 1906. She was the daughter of Regina Magaziner and Adolf Weisz. Klára was a renowned sculptress better known as Claire Weiss or Claire Weiss-Herczeg. Her sculptures are found in public places and museums throughout Hungary and in other countries. She also designed hundreds of porcelain figurines for a number of well-known houses, including Rosenthal, Bing & Grøndahl and Goldscheider.

Claire married businessman Laszlo Geza Herczeg in Budapest on April 15, 1936. Laszlo was born in Budapest on April 16, 1908. They had no children.

Claire was awarded the Munkácsy Prize in 1960, and the Hungarian Érdemrend kiskeresztje in 1996. Claire died in Budapest on August 6, 1997, at the age of 90.

Edit Magaziner

Edit Magaziner was born in 1910, the daughter of Aurel Magaziner and Alvina Redlich. Edit died of scarlet fever on November 25, 1920, at the age of 10. She was buried at Kozma Utcai Izraelita Temeto, probably with her parents. Oroklet's index indicates that Edit is buried in Plot 19A, Row 21, Grave 17, while Aurel and Alvina are buried in Plot 19, Row 21, Grave 17, but Plot 19A does not appear on the map and may be a transcription error.

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