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Adolf Magaziner

Adolf's Tree

Adolf Magaziner was born in Humenne around 1836, the son of Samuel. I have found no record of Adolf's mother's name, but I assume his mother was Julia Wickman, who was the mother of Adolf's younger sister Johanna.

Adolf worked in currency exchange in Budapest in the 1870s. Later, he was a merchant in Vienna. On November 19, 1865, Adolf married Johanna Neufeld in Budapest. Johanna was born in 1846 in Gyor. She was the younger sister of Jozsef's wife, Antonia. Adolf and Johanna lived in Budapest and Vienna during their marriage. They had at least 12 children, but four of those children died young. Several of their children converted to Catholicism.

Adolf died on October 9, 1890 in Vienna, Austria of a cerebral hemorrhage in his mid 50s. He was buried at Wiener Zentralfriedhof in the same plot as two of his children. Johanna died in Budapest on August 21, 1894.

Children of Adolf Magaziner and Johanna Neufeld include:

  1. Rosa Magaziner (b: 11 SEP 1866; d: 28 JUN 1933)
  2. Viktor Adalbert Magaziner (Bela) (b: 15 OCT 1867; d: 24 OCT 1921)
  3. Emma Magaziner (Erna) (b: 2 NOV 1868; d: 20 AUG 1915)
  4. Eugenie Magaziner (Jenni) (b: 16 OCT 1869; d: 15 JUL 1887)
  5. Leon Magaziner (Leo Levi) (b: 6 DEC 1870; d: 17 JUL 1889)
  6. Arthur Magaziner (b: 26 JAN 1872; d: MAY 1923)
  7. Karl Heinrich Stephan Maroti (Karoly Magaziner; Karl Henrik Istvan Maroti) (b: 25 MAR 1873)
  8. Adele Magaziner (Keyl) (b: 8 MAY 1874; d: 12 JAN 1925)
  9. Valerie Magaziner (b: 19 FEB 1876; d: 5 FEB 1879)
  10. Elsie Magaziner (b: 4 FEB 1877)
  11. Paula Magaziner (Pauline) (b: 9 SEP 1881)
  12. Richard Magaziner (b: 9 SEP 1881; d: 3 FEB 1882)

Generation #4

Rosa Magaziner Geissler

Rosa Magaziner was born in Vienna on September 11, 1866. She converted to Christianity in Vienna in 1886, at the age of 20, and was baptised in the Schotten parish in 1890. She appears in the Vienna City Directory as a seamstress and a laundress in the 1890s. In 1891, she had a stillborn child. Her name was still Rosa Magaziner and no father was mentioned in the child's burial record.

On June 16, 1894, Rosa married Johann Geissler at the Sankt Leopold Catholic Church in Vienna. Johann was born on April 29, 1865. It is unknown whether he was the father of Rosa's stillborn child three years earlier. He apparently worked as a federal official because Rosa's burial record identifies her as the wife of a federal official.

Rosa died on June 28, 1933 at the age of 67. She was buried at Wiener Zentralfriedhof (not in the Jewish section) in the same grave with her sister Adele. Johann died on December 12, 1944 (according to a notation on their marriage record), but I have not determined where he died or where he was buried.

Viktor Adalbert Magaziner (Bela)

Bela Magaziner was born in Budapest on October 15, 1867. In Vienna, he went by the name Adalbert, and later Viktor Adalbert. Viktor converted to Christianity in 1890, at the age of 23 and was baptised in Schotten parish in 1891. He apparently served as a lieutenant in the Austro-Hungarian Empire's army reserve in 1894. Viktor was an accountant, and worked for Heinrich Sachs' short metal factory from its inception until his death. Sachs is sometimes identified as the inventor the thumbtack.

Victor married Anna Valeska Daub in the Altlerchenfeld Catholic church in Vienna on June 8, 1891. Valeska, as she was known, was born on April 2, 1865 in Ratibor, Germany, which is now Racibórz, Poland. I have found no record of any children of this marriage.

Viktor died in Vienna on October 24, 1921, around his 54th birthday. Upon his death, his employer, Heinrich Sachs, published a death notice in the Neue Freie Presse that spoke in glowing terms of Viktor's skill and loyalty to the company. Viktor was buried at Wiener Zentralfriedhof (not in the Jewish section). Valeska died in July 1935 and was buried with Viktor at Wiener Zentralfriedhof. Also buried in that plot were Lucia Harazim (1895-30 Mar 1979) (undoubtedly Valeska's niece because there is a baptism record for a Lucia Valesca Harazin in that year, daughter of a woman with Valeska's maiden name) and Anna Sturma (1873-21 Mar 1967), whose connection remains unknown.

Emma Magaziner Eichhorn (Erna)

Erna Magaziner was born on November 2, 1868 in Budapest. She converted to Christianity in December 1890 and was baptised as Emma Magaziner in Vienna on January 6 1891. At some point, Emma married a man named Eichhorn, and they had children and grandchildren, according to her death notice, though I have not yet found any further details about her family. Emma died on August 20, 1915, and was buried at the New Evangelical Cemetery in Bielsko, which was then in Galicia in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Eugenie Magaziner (Jenni)

Jenni Magaziner was born in Budapest on on October 16, 1869. She died in Vienna on July 15, 1887, at the age of 17. The cause of death was listed in German as Ruckenmarksdarre, which is a degenerative spinal condition, possibly tabes dorsalis, a complication of syphilis. She was buried at Wiener Zentralfriedhof in a family plot with her father and brother Leon.

Leon Magaziner (Leo Levi)

Leo (Levi) Magaziner was born on December 6, 1870 in Budapest. In Vienna, he went by the name Leon. He worked as a clerk.

Leon committed suicide, shooting himself, on the second anniversary of his sister Eugenie's burial, July 17, 1889. He was 18 years old. He was buried in a family plot with Eugenie and their father at Wiener Zentralfriedhof.

Arthur Magaziner

Arthur Magaziner was born in Budapest on January 26, 1872. On October 29, 1899, Arthur married Melanie Stein in Pozsony. Melanie was born on August 26, 1875 in Hainburg. They had at least two children, Alfred and Erna, but they may also be the parents of a Martha Magaziner who appeared in the Vienna city directory at the same address as Alfred and Erna after Arthur and Melanie's death. Alternatively, Martha could be a second wife of Arthur.

Melanie died of tuberculosis in Vienna on June 4, 1916. Arthur died in May 1923, at the age of 51. They are buried together at Wiener Zentralfriedhof, the same cemetery as Adolf, Eugenie and Leon, but in a separate plot.

Children of Arthur Magaziner and Melanie Stein include:

  1. Alfred Magaziner (b: 8 JAN 1902; d: 14/15 DEC 1993)
  2. Erna Magaziner (b: 2 OCT 1903; d: 3 MAY 1987)

Karl Heinrich Stephan Maroti (Karoly Magaziner; Karl Henrik Istvan Maroti)

Karoly Magaziner was born in Budapest on March 25, 1873. He converted to Catholicism in 1890, under the name Karl Magaziner. In 1898, he changed his name to Marosi or Maroti. He may be the Karl Maroti who appeared in a London census in 1901 (age 27, born in Austria). He is not the Hungarian Karoly Marosi who came to New York on the Barbarossa in 1903, because that one settled in Perth Amboy, New Jersey and the Magaziner one remained in Europe. Karl attended attended university in Berlin between 1907 and 1916.

On July 25, 1912, Karl married Hanna Kamilla Muller in Berlin. Hanna was born October 13, 1888. Karl used the name Karl Heinrich Stephan Maroti on the marriage certificate. Karl was working as a language teacher at the time. When the marriage was registered in Budapest a few years later, Karl used the name Karoly Henrik Istvan Maroti, and his wife used the name Janka Kamilia Muller. Karl's marriage to Hanna ended in divorce in Berlin in 1936, possibly related to the 1935 Nuremberg Laws, which prohibited marriage between Jews and Aryans and encouraged Aryans to divorce their existing Jewish spouses. Karl had converted to Catholicism more than 20 years before he married Hanna, but in the eyes of the Nazi regime, he was racially Jewish.

Karl lived in Berlin until at least 1939, working in the business of Maroti and Frienk, dealing in jewelry, art, paintings and antiquities. I have found no further record of Karl after a 1939 Berlin phone directory. There was another Karl Maroti, a carpenter, in Munich phone directories from 1958 to at least 1978, though this is probably not the same one because he would have been 105 years old in 1978. This could be a son of our Karl and Hanna, who would have been in his 50s to 70s at the time, though I have found no evidence of any children of Karl and Hanna, and the only evidence of a connection is the shared rare name.

Adele Magaziner

Adele Magaziner was born in Budapest on May 8, 1874. She worked in Budapest as a beading woman, threading pearls for the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy in their homes. Like many of her brothers and sisters, Adele converted to Catholicism. She apparently never married.

Adele died of heart disease in Budapest on January 12, 1925 at the age of 50, still named Adele Magaziner. She is buried at Wiener Zentralfriedhof (not in the Jewish section) with her sister Rosa.

Elsie Magaziner Pokorny Hollo Greenwald (Regina)

Regina Magaziner was born in Vienna on February 4, 1877. She married Alajos Pokorny under the name Erzsebet Magaziner in Budapest on July 20, 1902. Alajos was born on April 28, 1877. He was a Catholic, as much of her family had become. They had a child who died at the age of two months. They probably did not have any other children. The marriage was short-lived: by 1907, Regina was single and living in Humenne. Alajos died in Budapest on January 25, 1938, and his death record indicates that he had no spouse at the time.

In March 1907, Regina came to America on the SS Amerika from Hamburg to New York City. Regina remarried to Stephan Hollo, either in Europe or shortly after arriving in America. Regina and Stephan came to America on the same ship, and Stephan appeared immediately above Regina's maiden name on the manifests. They were both meeting Frederick Rosenberg, husband of Regina's cousin Emma Grun, in New York, who was described as the uncle of both of them. In America, Regina went by the name Elsie, the same name used in America by Emma's daughter.

Elsie's husband Stephan was several years younger than her, born in Budapest on September 15, 1883. He worked as a butcher and later as a cook in a restaurant. Elsie worked as a trimmer at a millinery shop. Elsie and Stephan had two children in New York but one of them died in infancy. Stephan died in Manhattan on November 4, 1920.

Elsie remarried on February 14, 1922 to Louis Greenwald. Although her name on the marriage record was Elizabeth R. Hollow, there is no question this is her: the marriage record says she was born in Austria in 1877 and her parents were Adolf Magaziner and Johanna Newfield. Louis was born in Germany around 1853. He was a widower. The marriage did not last long: in the 1925 New York Census, Elsie appeared with the surname Hollo along with daughter Valerie. They were living with Otto Kuhlman, who was who was described in the census as Elsie's cousin though I have found no evidence of that relationship. It is possible that he was actually the cousin of Louis, because Louis and Otto were both born in Germany. Louis may have died before that census, because he was in his 70s, an advanced age at the time.

The only other record I have found of Elsie is a Social Security claim made by her in 1942 (probably during her lifetime) and a name correction in a Social Security listing in September 1976, possibly the time of her death, but she would be nearly 100 years old! She may be the Elizabeth Hollo who died in Manhattan on July 15, 1958.

Children of Regina Magaziner and Alajos Pokorny include:

  1. Erno Pokorny (b: 3 NOV 1904; d: 6 JAN 1905)

Children of Elsie Magaziner and Stephan Hollo include:

  1. Valerie Hollo (b: 10 JUL 1908; d: 24 MAR 1939)
  2. Margaret Hollo (b: 11 JAN 1913; d: 1 AUG 1913)

Paula Magaziner Josefi (Pauline)

Paula Magaziner Josefi

Pauline Magaziner was born in Vienna on September 9, 1881, the twin sister of Richard, who died in infancy. She was ususally known as Paula. On April 11, 1903, Paula married Rezso Josefi (also spelled Josefy, Joseffy or Jozefi) in Budapest. Paula's uncle David was a witness to the marriage. Rezso was born in Temesvar, Hungary (now Timisoara, Romania) on September 24, 1880. Rezso was Catholic. Pauline was still Jewish at the time of the marriage, but she converted to Christianity in Vienna in 1908. Rezso served the Austro-Hungarian Empire in World War I and was injured in action.

Paula and Rezso had four children in Budapest, but one of them died very young. In December 1920, Rezso emigrated to Buenos Aires. Paula and the children followed Rezso in February 1922. Paula and Rezso had a fifth child in Buenos Aires. Paula died in Buenos Aires.

Children of Paula Magaziner and Rezso Josefi are:

  1. Alfonz Josefi (b: 9 FEB 1904; d: 10 SEP 1904)
  2. Georg Josefi (Gyorgy) (b: 16 MAR 1906)
  3. Adrienne Johanna Josefi (b: 3 JAN 1908; d: 1989)
  4. Alfred Josefi (b: 1912)
  5. Rudolfo Josefi

Richard Magaziner

Richard Magaziner was born in Vienna on September 9, 1881, the twin brother of Paula. He died of a serous effusion in the brain on February 3, 1882.

Generation #5

Alfred Magaziner

Alfred Magaziner was born in Munich, Germany on January 8, 1902, the son of Arthur Magaziner and Melanie Stein. The family returned to Vienna not long after he was born, because his sister Erna was born in Vienna two years later. Alfred apprenticed as a bookseller and went on to become an award-winning journalist. He was active in the Social Democratic Labor Party and worked mostly for Social Democratic newspapers and magazines. He converted from Judaism in 1924.

On December 3, 1927, Alfred married Gertrud Zerner, a successful and celebrated pianist who was also active in the Social Democratic Labor Party. Gertrud was born in Vienna on June 5, 1899. I have found no evidence of whether they had any children.

In 1936, with Anschluss approaching, Alfred and Gertrud moved to Zagreb, Yugoslavia, where Alfred served as a foreign correspondent for the New York Times and the Daily Telegraph. In 1938, they went to England. Alfred was briefly interned in Australia as an "enemy alien," but returned to England where he participated in "London Information of the Austrian Socialists in Great Britain." Gertrude taught music while they were in England.

After the war, Alfred and Gertrude returned to Austria in 1947, and Alfred resumed his career as a journalist. For three months in 1955, he toured the United States as a special staff member of a Charleston West Virginia newspaper under the sponsorship of the State Department. Like many Magaziners, Alfred continued to be active well into his later years, writing a three book series about the history of the labor movement when he was in his late 70s and early 80s.

Gertrud died on December 3, 1984, on their 57th wedding anniversary. She was 85 years old. Alfred died on the night of December 14/15, 1993, at the age of 91. They were buried together at Sievering Cemetery in Vienna.

Erna Magaziner Deutsch

Erna Magaziner Deutsch

Erna Magaziner was born in Vienna on October 2, 1903, the daughter of Arthur Magaziner and Melanie Stein. She converted from Judaism in 1922. Erna was working as a nurse in Vienna in the early 1930s. At some point, she married Julius Deutsch. Julius was born in Vienna on March 4, 1902. Julius was a socialist and spent some time in prison in the 1930s because of his politics. In 1940, he fled to La Paz, Bolivia, where he opened a bookstore called Libreria America.

In 1941, Erna was living in Zurich, Switzerland. Julius subsidized her emigration to South America, providing at least $100 of the $290 fare through Sociedad de Proteccion a Los Inmigrantes in La Paz, Bolivia, and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) in New York. It is not clear whether Julius and Erna were married at that point: Julius's immigration records identified him as married, but Erna's immigration records identify her as a widow or divorced. This may have been a ruse to get her out of Europe during the Holocaust: Erna's records also identify her as born in Zurich, though she was clearly born in Vienna. I do not know if Erna and Julius ever had any children.

Erna and Julius returned to Vienna after the war. Erna died on May 3, 1987 at the age of 84. She was buried at Feuerhalle Simmering in Vienna. Julius died a few months later, on September 9, 1987, at the age of 85. He is buried with her at Feuerhalle Simmering.

Valerie Hollo Butterfield

Valerie Hollo was born on July 10, 1908, in Manhattan, the daughter of Elsie Magaziner and Stephan Hollo. She was probably named after her mother's sister, who died very young. Valerie married Hollis Eldred Butterfield on August 5, 1928 in Manhattan. Hollis was born in Des Moines, Iowa on February 10, 1902. This was not the same Hollis Butterfield who was convicted of murdering his wife in 1933. Valerie's Hollis was a music salesman who also provided musical entertainment to the Navy. He attended Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa, a school known for its music program, and was involved with the Glee Club and the Madrigal Club. Valerie was also a musician, and in early 1930, Hollis and Valerie performed together on the radio, with Hollis singing tenor and Valerie playing piano. Valerie and Hollis had one son, Eldred.

Valerie died in Manhattan on March 24, 1939 and was buried at Silver Mount Cemetery, Sunnyside, Richmond County (Staten Island), New York. It's not clear what happened to Valerie and Hollis's marriage. Valerie's 1939 death certificate says that she was still married to Hollis, but Hollis's 1940 census record has him living in Corpus Christi, Texas with their son Eldred and a different wife, and the census indicates that the three of them have been living there since at least 1935. Eldred indicated on his Social Security application that the new wife was his mother, though he was clearly born while Hollis and Valerie were together and appears in the 1930 census with them.

Hollis divorced that 1940 wife and remarried and divorced several times in Texas in the 1950s. He died in Los Angeles on July 20, 1974, and is buried there with his last wife.

Children of Valerie Hollo and Hollis Eldred Butterfield include:

  1. Eldred Marshall Butterfield (b: 12 APR 1929; d: 1 APR 1996)

Georg Josefi (Gyorgy)

Gyorgy Josefi was born in Budapest March 16 1906, the son of Paula Magaziner and Rezso Josefi. He was later known as Georg. He was apparently named after Rezso's father, Gyorgy Jozefi. He emigrated to Buenos Aires, Argentina with his family in 1922. Georg may have died young, because the Josefi descendant who told me about Adrienne, Alfred and Rudolfo and the family's emigration to Argentina never mentioned a brother named Georg. On the other hand, he may have simply moved away and lost touch with the rest of the family, but I have found no record of him after the ship manifest that brought the family from Hamburg to Buenos Aires.

Adrienne Johanna Josefi Grinstein

Adrienne Josefi Grinstein

Adrienne Johanna Josefi was born in Budapest on January 3, 1908, the daughter of Paula Magaziner and Rezso Josefi. She emigrated to Buenos Aires, Argentina with her family in 1922.

In Argentina, Adrienne married Isidoro Grinstein, who was also from Austria-Hungary. They had two children. Adrienne died in 1989.

Alfred Josefi

Alfred Josefi

Alfred Josefi was born in Budapest around 1912, the son of Paula Magaziner and Rezso Josefi. He emigrated to Buenos Aires, Argentina with his family in 1922.

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