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Many of the long-time mysteries are rapidly finding their way onto the tree! Within the last year, Fani Magaziner Meisels was proved to be a daughter of Lowi, Lujza Magaziner was proved to be a daughter of Jozsef, and Elsie Magaziner was found to be an American name for Regina Magaziner. But there are still some mysteries that need to be solved! I have identified 78 people descended from 18 Magaziners who are not yet hooked up to this tree.

I have listed below all of the Austro-Hungarian Magaziners I have found that I have not yet been able to connect and everything I know about them. A few of these branches have grown so large that they have earned their own pages. If you know anything about any of these other Magaziners, or other Magaziners who have their origins in Austria/Hungary/Slovakia (not Russia or Poland), please email me!

Magaziner, Aug., Joh. and Carl (b. Abt. 1880, 1881 and 1882)

When Henry and Cecelia came to America with Anna, William and Nellie, three other Magaziners appeared on the ship manifest in the middle of the family: 5-year-old Carl, 6-year-old Joh. and 7-year-old Aug. They are a bit too young to be Louis, and all of Henry and Cecelia's other children's immigration is accounted for, so these do not appear to be Henry and Cecelia's children. They may be relatives who were traveling with them, or they may be unrelated children who were mistakenly listed as Magaziners. I have found no evidence of any Aug, Joh, Jon, Carl or Karl Magaziner anywhere near the age of these boys in America or Hungary, so I have no idea who they may be.

Magaziner, Chaje (b. abt. 1867 or abt. 1846, d. 12/1/1873)

Chaje Magaziner died in Humenne on 12/1/1873. She appears in the Humenne death registry. The version I saw had photographs out of order, but her first page seemed to connect with a second page that gave her age as 6, which would put her birth in 1867. JewishGen transcribed this register, and said that she was 27 and born in Muhle Helmecz, clearly working from a different second page. If the latter is correct, she would have been born in 1846, making her about the right age to be the Chaje below, but that Chaje was born in Humenne. If she is 27, Magaziner may be her married name, but I have no information about who her spouse is and no record of a Magaziner married to someone named Chaje. The death registry does not identify her parents or spouse or say whether she was married, neither the death registry I saw nor the one transcribed on JewishGen.

Magaziner, Chaje (b. 20 Mar 1844)

The Humenne birth registry records the birth of a Chaje Magaziner. Her father is identified only by an initial, "Magaziner L" (or possibly "Magaziner S"). It seems unlikely that the father was Samuel, because he had a child in November 1842 and another in 1843 or 1844. She could not be Löwi's daughter, because his wife was much too old to be having children in 1844. I know of no other L or S Magaziner old enough to be her father. She could be the same person as the Chaje above.

Magaziner, Edith (mentioned in 1942 obituary; traveled to Israel in 1947)

In Laszlo Magaziner's 1942 obituary, it says that Laszlo is mourned by widow Mrs. Albert Magaziner (his mother), Zoltan (his brother), Edith and Tamas (his nephew, Zoltan's son). Three of them (Zoltan, Edith and Tamas) came to Israel together in 1947. Edith is probably Zoltan's wife, but I have found no records to confirm that. Zoltan married two other women, but the latter marriage was nine years before Edith was first mentioned in Laszlo's 1942 obituary.

Magaziner, Elemer (fathered a child in 1950)

A Budapest record from May 10, 1951 records the death of Ferenc Magaziner, four months old, the son of Elemer Magaziner and Anna Strausz. This is clearly not the Elemer Magaziner who was the son of Lajos, because that Elemer died in the Holocaust five years before Ferenc was born. The father is also not that Elemer's son, also named Elemer, because Elemer Jr. was only 10 years old when Ferenc was born. Ferenc died of tuberculosis two months before Geza Fuzes died of the same disease in the same hospital. Is that just a wild coincidence? He must be related, but I have no idea how!

Magaziner, Emil (b. 2 Oct 1926 in Switzerland)

A Pan Am airline record shows that an Emil Magaziner took a plane from Tocumen Airport in Panama through Florida en route to Zurich, Switzerland. The travel document said he was born in Basel Switzerland on October 2, 1926. The travel document does not have any date on it, but the form itself was a version that was revised in 1957, so it would be around that time. I have found no other record of this person. He has the same name as Henry's younger brother Emil, but of course that Emil was born more than 80 years before this one. He could not be a direct descendant of that one, because that one's sons changed their name to Balkanyi, but he could be a relative named after that one. His claim of being born in Switerland may not be true, because Erna Magaziner falsely claimed birth in Switzerland when she fled war-torn Europe in 1941.

Magaziner, Ester (bore a child in Humenne around 1847)

Ester is almost certainly part of this tree because she had a child in Humenne who has a name that is very common in the family, but no records exist to identify her parents and show where she fits into the tree. I have identified 31 people in Ester's line (including spouses). Learn more about them HERE.

Magaziner, Eszter (b. abt. 1835 in Humenne; d. 10/16/1883 in Humenne)

The Humenne registry records that an Eszter Magaziner died in Humenne on October 16 at the age of 48. JewishGen's Hungarian database indicates that she died on October 16, 1883, and was born in Humenne, but I've seen the original record and that interpretation is not so clear to me. There are no column headings, and the year is not found anywhere on the page. The registry does not provide any other information, so it is not clear who her parents were, whether she was married, or whether Magaziner was a married name. This could be Samuel's third wife, Eszter Jacubovits, who died between 1869 (when she appeared in the Hungarian census) and 1890 (when Samuel died as a widower), though the census said she was born in Zeteny in 1830. No one else yet identified would match this Eszter Magaziner's information.

Magaziner, Eszti (b. 1844 in Humenne)

Eszti Magaziner Lang appears in the 1869 Hungarian census with her husband, a tailor, Moritz Lang (b. 1837 in Nagy-Mihaly) and Hainrich Lang (b. 1869, presumably her son). They are living in Nagy-Mihaly, not far from Humenne, and are probably connected. Eszti is probably Samuel's daughter Eszter, who was born in 1845, though there is no evidence of this other than the name, approximate age, and lack of further information about Samuel's daughter.

On the other hand, I am not entirely certain that Eszti's maiden name was Magaziner. The marriage record that best corresponds to this couple is the 1864 marriage of Moritz (Moses Lob) Lang of Nagy-Mihaly to Eszti (Ester) Broder of Homonna, both matching the age and birthplace seen in the 1869 census. This marriage appears in registries for both Nagy-Mihaly and Homonna. The Homonna register indicates that Eszti is single (not widowed or divorced), so this is not a first husband's name. The Homonna register does not have the names of Eszti's parents, as it should, which may indicate they were deceased. Interestingly, though, the Lang-Broder marriage appears in the Homonna registry immediately before the marriage of Henry to Cecelia, and one of the witnesses to the Lang-Broder marriage was Nahum Weiszberg, the second husband of Anchell's widow.

Magaziner, Hani (bore a child around 1860)

Hani Magaziner bore a child in Humenne around 1860, but no records identify her parents to attach her to this tree. Learn about the 13 members of her branch (including spouses) HERE.

Magaziner, Ilona (perished in the Holocaust)

A Yizkor (memorial) book for Debrecen Hungary includes a memorial for Mrs. Jozsef Reich, born Ilona Magaziner. She is probably related, because there were other Magaziner family members in Debrecen at the time. She cannot be Jozsef Magaziner's daughter Ilona because that daughter was not mentioned in her brother Bela's obituary and must have been dead by 1916. She could be Samuel Magaziner's daughter Helena, who would have been around 80 during the Holocaust. Ilona is a variation of the name Helena.

Magaziner, Isaac (working in Pest in 1798)

The 1798 census of Pest's inner city (now Belvaros/District V) includes a man named Isaac Magaziner working as a storehouse attendant employed by a man named Israel Offenheimer. The census provides no further information about this man, so I have no way of knowing if he was in any way connected to our Magaziners. Could he be the father of our most distant ancestor, Lowi Magaziner? He was probably old enough. Or perhaps he could be an older brother, since Lowi was only 13 at the time? Or perhaps it is just a coincidence, because I would expect to see the name Isaac more commonly in the family if he were related.

Magasiner, Jacob (b. Abt. 1878)

A 15-year-old tailor named Jacob Magasiner arrived in New York on the Peruvian in Nov 1893. His native country and last residence are given as Austria. I have found no other evidence of him in America. The only Jacob Magaziners I have found in America come from Russia and Poland. There were a couple of Jakob Magaziners in the family in Hungary, but none of them are even close to this one's age. The "Magasiner" spelling is common in England, but I haven't connected any of the British Magasiners to Austria or to this tree.

Magaziner, Dr. Jona (fathered a child born 7/18/1860)

Dtr. Jona Magaziner was the father of a child, Chana, born on 7/18/1860, according to the Humenne birth registry. The child's mother was named Zilli. Jona could be a brother or cousin of Henry, but there is no evidence confirming that. I have found no other records of these people. Jona could possibly be the same person as Dr. Jozsef Magaziner, but I have no evidence of that other than the rarity of the name and the title. Jozsef married a woman named Antonia in Budapest 8½ months before Chana was born, so the connection seems unlikely.

Magaziner, Joseph (b: 1843)

A butcher named Joseph Magaziner traveled from Bremen to in New York on the ship New York in 1865. This is the same trip that brought Fanny Magaziner Shatz and her children to America, and they appeared on the same page, but they were not together on the manifest. Joseph was 22 years old, a butcher, and the manifest says he was born in Germany, but his last residence was Eperjes, Hungary, the same as Fanny. It also says that Fanny was born in Germany though all other records say she was born in Hungary. I have found no record of Joseph in America after this arrival. There is only one Joseph Magaziner in the family, and that one is ten years older than this one, a physician and vintner, and already married at the time of this ship manifest, so this cannot be him. It is not clear who this Joseph Magaziner is or if he is related.

Magasiner, Lajos (b: 1931; d: 1932)

Kozma Utcai Izraelita Temeto in Budapest records the burial of a Lajos Magasiner. There are other Magaziners buried in that cemetery, but there are no Magaziners buried anywhere near the location of his grave. It is not clear whose child he might be, or whether he is related. The most likely father is Jeno, because he married a year before Lajos was born and had no children with that wife that I have identified, but this is only a guess.

Magaziner, Martha (lived in Vienna 1929-1931)

Martha Magaziner appears in the Vienna City Directory from 1929 to 1931 at the same address where Alfred Magaziner lived in 1925 and Erna Magaziner lived from 1932 to 1936. Obviously, Martha is related to Alfred and Erna, but I am not sure whether Martha is their sister, or a second wife of their father Arthur, or some other relation.

Magaziner, Rachel (bore a child around 1825)

Rachel Magaziner bore a daughter in Humenne around 1825, but no records mention her other than her daughter's death certificate. She would have been born so early that no records are currently available for that time, so there is no way to identify her parents to attach her to this tree. I have identified 55 members of her branch (including spouses), but 16 of them are already in this tree as descendants of Sarolta Weinberger, who married Rachel's great-grandson Jakab Tyrnauer. Find out about the rest of her family HERE.

Magaziner, Rosa (b. Abt. 1871; d. Oct. 1888?)

Rosa Magaziner appears in an immigrant ship's manifest from Hamburg, Germany to New York City in October, 1888. The manifest indicates that she is a 17-year-old single woman from Ujhely in Hungary. Ujhely is an alternate name for Sátoraljaújhely. This is probably Emil's daughter, Ruchel, who was born in 1871, lived in Ujhely in 1888, and was identified as Roza on her son's 1895 birth record and her sons' 1932 and 1934 marriage records. On the ship's manifest there are markings in a column for death in transit, but I'm not sure that column is being used as intended.

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