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Henry Magaziner

Henry Magaziner (Heinrich, Henrik)

Henry Magaziner is the patriarch of this Magaziner family tree. He was born on July 3, 1836 in Homonna Hungary (now Humenne Slovakia), the son of Anchell Magaziner and Sarah Cooper. In Hungary, Henry was known as Heinrich or Henrik.

Henry was married twice and fathered 12 children, ten of whom survived to adulthood, married and had children of their own. Henry married first Resi Friedman in the late 1850s or early 1860s, and they had two children, Anthony and Jakob. Resi died on February 25, 1864. Left with two sons under the age of two, Henry promptly remarried to Cecelia Rosenbluth on September 8, 1864. Cecelia was the mother of Henry's remaining ten children.

Henry was a carpenter and later a dry goods merchant. Henry, Cecelia and the younger children emigrated to Philadelphia by way of Baltimore on the Hermann in June 1887. Some of his older children had already arrived over the preceding few years.1 Henry became an American citizen on October 15, 1897, by a petition witnessed by his oldest son Anthony, who was naturalized the previous year.

Henry was obviously well-loved, because many of the Magaziner children passed on his name to their sons and even a daughter, either as a first name or as a middle name.2

Henry died of stomach cancer on January 22, 1909 at the age of 73 and was buried at Chevra Bikur Cholem Cemetery in Philadelphia with Cecelia.

Children of Henry Magaziner and Resi Friedman are:

  1. Anthony Magaziner (b: 17 APR 1862; d: 17 DEC 1947)
  2. Jakob Magaziner (b: 31 JAN 1864; d: 12 MAR 1876)

Children of Henry Magaziner and Cecelia Rosenbluth are:

  1. Fannie Magaziner (b: 12 DEC 1865; d: 8 OCT 1935)
  2. Hugo Magaziner (b: 26 NOV 1867; d: 29 DEC 1936)
  3. Lena Magaziner (b: 1869; d: 15 JUN 1952)
  4. Jeanette Magaziner (b: 31 DEC 1872; d: 4 JAN 1970)
  5. Anna Magaziner (b: 11 JAN 1875; d: 22 FEB 1960)
  6. Louis Magaziner (b: 7 MAR 1877; d: 19 MAY 1956)
  7. Sadie Magaziner (b: 5 JUN 1879; d: 21 JUN 1964)
  8. William Edward Magaziner (b: 23 SEP 1881; d: 13 JUL 1956)
  9. Israel Lob Lajos Magaziner (b: 24 MAR 1884; d: 18 APR 1887)
  10. Nellie Magaziner (b: 15 APR 1887; d: 28 JUN 1979)

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1. Ship manifests show that Fannie arrived in 1884, Lena arrived in 1885 and Tony arrived in May 1886. Hugo arrived in June 1886.
2. Louis had a son named Henry. William had a son named Robert Henry. Fannie had a daughter named Henrietta and a son named Simon Henry.

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