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Jeanette Magaziner Moskowitz

Jeanette Magaziner Moskowitz (Jennie, Hernin)

Jeanette Magaziner (born Hernin) was born in Humenne on December 31, 1872. She must have been the third of the dressmaker daughters that were the first of the Magaziners to arrive in Philadelphia,1 though I have not found the record of her immigration. Jeanette was better known as Jennie.2

Louis Moskowitz
Louis Moskowitz

On April 29, 1900, Jennie married Louis Moskowitz in Philadelphia. Louis was a fellow Hungarian immigrant, born on May 29, 1872, who came to America at about the same time the Magaziners did and was naturalized in 1898. Louis was the business partner of Lena's husband, Louis Herbach, founding M & H Sporting Goods together. Louis and Jennie had three children.

Louis died of cerebral edema and cirrosis of the liver on September 5, 1958 in Albert Einstein Medical Center. Jennie died on April 30, 1968, at the age of 95. They were buried together at Montefiore Cemetery in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania.

Children of Jeanette Magaziner and Louis Moskowitz are:

  1. Eleanor Moskowitz (b: 13 MAY 1901; d: 22 OCT 1987)
  2. Florence Moskowitz (b: 22 NOV 1905; d: 27 MAR 1997)
  3. Morton Paul Moskowitz (b: 18 AUG 1907; d: 9 AUG 1988)

Eleanor Moskowitz Johnson

Eleanor Moskowitz
Eleanor 1916
Paul J Johnson
Paul 1975

Eleanor Moskowitz was born on May 13, 1901 in Philadelphia. She attended Philadelphia High School for Girls ("Girls' High") and University of Pennsylvania.

Eleanor was active in charitable organizations for many years, including the Federation of Jewish Agencies, the American Red Cross and the Legal Aid Society. She was given a citation by the Einstein board for her leadership in fund-raising projects.

Eleanor married Paul J. Johnson in Philadelphia in on November 22, 1925. Paul was born in Manhattan on April 11, 1901. He attended New York University. With his brother-in-law Morton, he took over M & H Sporting Goods, his father-in-law's business. He was also president of Ocean City-Montague Rod and Reel Co., one of the nation's largest producers of noncommercial fishing tackle. Paul was later president and board chairman of Albert Einstein Medical Center. Eleanor and Paul had two children.

Paul died Albert Einstein Medical Center on October 20, 1978 and was buried at Mt. Sinai Cemetery in Philadelphia. Eleanor died on October 22, 1987 in Albert Einstein Medical Center at the age of 86 and was buried with Paul at Mt. Sinai.

Children of Eleanor Moskowitz and Paul J. Johnson are:

  1. Victor Lawrence Johnson (b: 8 FEB 1928; d: 2 SEP 2017)
  2. Marjorie Anne Johnson (b: 21 FEB 1930; d: 19 OCT 2010)

Florence Moskowitz Loeb

Florence Moskowitz
Florence 1916

Florence Moskowitz was born in Philadelphia on November 22, 1905. She attended Philadelphia High School for Girls ("Girls' High") and Philadelphia School of Design for Women (now Moore College of Art). She worked as a textile artist, jewelry designer and silversmith for jewelry and sang in the chorus of the Philadelphia Grand Opera Company.

Florence married David Stern Loeb on June 25, 1930 in Philadelphia. David was born in Philadelphia on March 17, 1904. He worked as the publisher of the Food Trade News. They had two children.

David died on December 8, 1989 in Graduate Hospital, Philadelphia. Florence died in her sleep at her home in Logan Square East, Philadelphia on March 27, 1997 at the age of 91.

Children of Florence Moskowitz and David Stern Loeb are:

  1. David Stern Loeb, Jr. (b: 4 FEB 1933; d: 25 JUN 2017)
  2. Louis Stern Loeb (b: 5 JUN 1936; d: 6 FEB 2018)

Morton Paul Moskowitz

Morton Moskowitz
Morton 1950s
Tressa Silverstein
Tressa 1928

Morton Paul Moskowitz was born in Philadelphia on August 18, 1907. He took over his father's business, M & H Sporting Goods, with his sister Eleanor's husband. He also opened his own wholesale sporting goods store, Pennsylvania Sporting Goods Co.

Morton married Tressa Mae Silverstein in Charleston, West Virginia on June 11, 1935. Tressa was born in Kanawha, West Virginia on November 25, 1907. She attended Ohio State University in the late 1920s. At Ohio State, she was a sister in the Sigma Delta Tau sorority, the same sorority that Morton's cousin Cecelia and Gilbert's future wife Billie were in around the same time. Morton and Tressa had three children.

Morton died on August 9, 1988, just before his 81st birthday, at Abington Memorial Hospital and was buried at Montefiore Cemetery in Jenkintown, where his parents were buried. Tressa died in March 22, 1991 at Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and was buried with Morton at Montfiore.

Children of Morton Paul Moskowitz and Tressa Mae Silverstein are:

  1. Lynne Moskowitz (b: 17 SEP 1940; d: 31 AUG 2021)

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1. According to a story passed down by Louis Magaziner, the first Magaziners to arrive in Philadelphia were three daughters who were dressmakers. Fannie, as the oldest daughter, the first to arrive, and known to be a dressmaker, was certainly one of them. Lena was the second to arrive, and was probably one of them. I was specifically told that my great-grandmother Anna was not one of them, and Sadie and Nellie are far too young to be one of them, so Jeanette must be the third
2. In fact, the nickname was so much more common that several relatives I contacted in researching this tree had no idea who "Jeanette" was until I mentioned the nickname "Jennie."

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