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Lena Magaziner Herbach

Lena Magaziner Herbach (Leni)

Lena Magaziner was born in Humenne in 1869. She may have been named after Cecelia's mother.1 Lena was the second member of the family to arrive in America, arriving on the Moravia from Hamburg to New York City in May 1885, at the age of 16. She was probably one of the three dressmaker daughters who brought the Magaziner family to Philadelphia.2

Louis Herbach
Louis Herbach, 1947

On February 4, 1900, Lena married Louis Herbach, a fellow Hungarian immigrant. Louis was born in 1871, and came to America at about the same time that the Magaziner family did. Louis was co-founder of M & H Sporting Goods. He created this company with Louis Moskowitz, the husband of Lena's sister Jennie (M & H stands for Moskowitz and Herbach). After 1934, Louis started another business, Herbach & Rademan Electronics Equipment. Lena and Louis had three children.

Lena died of stomach cancer in Philadelphia on June 15, 1952 at the age of 83. Her attending physician was her brother William. She was buried at Adath Jeshurun Cemetery in Philadelphia. Many of the Magaziner clan are buried here or at the adjacent Mt. Sinai and Chevra Bikur Cholim cemeteries. Louis died on November 14, 1956 at Hahneman Hospital, and was buried with Lena at Adath Jeshurun.

Children of Lena Magaziner and Louis Herbach are:

  1. M. Gilbert Herbach (b: 22 APR 1901; d: 9 JUL 1983)
  2. Claire Herbach (b: 18 FEB 1904; d: 14 NOV 1973)
  3. Cecelia Herbach (b: 8 MAR 1909; d: 6 SEP 1973)

M. Gilbert Herbach

Gilbert Herbach
Gilbert 1916
Billie Katz
Billie 1928

M. Gilbert Herbach was born in Philadelphia on April 22, 1901. He was known as Gil or Gilbert and almost never used more than the initial of his first name. He graduated from University of Pennsylvania in 1922 and worked as a chemical engineer. He was the co-founder of Philadelphia Rust-Proof Company, a metal finishing and electroplating plant that is still in business in the Kensington section of Philadelphia. During World War II, he served on the National Defense Research Council.

Gilbert married Mary Ann Katz in Atlantic City on October 21, 1931. Mary went by the nickname Billie, so the couple was commonly known as Billie and Gilly (or vice versa). Billie was born in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania on October 28, 1907. Billie went to Ohio State University, and was in the same sorority as Gilbert's sister Cecelia and Morton's future wife Tressa. In fact, it was Cecelia who put the couple together! Billie and Gilly had one child.

Gilbert died on July 9, 1983 in Elkins Park at the age of 82. His wife Billie died on October 1, 2004.

Children of M. Gilbert Herbach and Mary Ann Katz are:


Claire Herbach Caspary

Claire Herbach Caspary
Claire 1925
Clarence Caspary
Clarence Caspary

Claire Herbach was born in Philadelphia on February 18, 1904. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in education in 1925. She worked as a public school teacher, and was also a Sunday school teacher at Congregation Rodeph Shalom. She was a president of Rodeph Shalom's PTA and a member of the board of the Friends of Moss Rehabilitation Center.

In 1927, Claire married Clarence Louis Caspary in Philadelphia. Clarence was born in Philadelphia on January 12, 1897. Clarence served in the Army Corps of Engineers during World War I. He earned a degree in architecture from the University of Pennsylvania in 1920 and started his own architectural firm in Philadelphia. Claire and Clarence had two children.

Claire died on November 14, 1973, at the age of 69. After her death, Clarence remarried. He died in Illinois on October 6, 1979.

Children of Claire Herbach and Clarence Louis Caspary are:


Cecelia Herbach Friedlander

Cecelia Herbach Friedlander
Cecelia 1931

Cecelia Herbach was born in Philadelphia on March 8, 1909. In 1931, she graduated from Ohio State University with a bachelor's degree in Arts. At Ohio State, Cecelia was a sister in the Sigma Delta Tau sorority, the same sorority that her cousin Morton's wife was in around the same time. Gilbert's future wife was also Cecelia's sorority sister at Ohio State, and Cecelia fixed them up!

Cecelia married Herbert Friedlander on February 24, 1935 in Philadelphia. Herbert was born on August 18, 1909 in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. He worked as a salesman of electrical fixtures. Later he worked in real estate insurance. They moved to Dallas, Texas in the 1950s. They had three children.

Cecelia died of metastasized cancer, which had affected her for many years, on September 6, 1973 in Dallas, Texas. Herbert died of a heart attack a few months later, on December 22, 1973. They were buried at Restland Memorial Park in Dallas.

Children of Cecelia Herbach and Herbert Friedlander are:

  1. Irene Jane Friedlander (b: 30 NOV 1938; d: 2 JAN 2008)

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1. I have no record of Cecelia's mother's name; however, birth records for Cecelia's father's five children born in the 1850s give the mother's name as Feige, Scheindl, Feige, Leni and Feige. These are probably all the same woman. Note that Cecelia had daughters named Feige (Fannie), Leni (Lena) and Scheindl (Anna). One or all of them may have been named for Cecelia's mother.
2. According to a story passed down by Louis Magaziner, the first Magaziners to arrive in Philadelphia were three daughters who were dressmakers. Fannie, as the oldest daughter, the first to arrive, and known to be a dressmaker, was certainly one of them. Lena and Jeanette were probably the others.

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