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Cecelia Rosenbluth Magaziner

Cecelia Rosenbluth Magaziner (Zilli, Czipre)

Cecelia Rosenbluth Magaziner is the matriarch of this Magaziner family tree. She was born on January 6, 1845 in Szterkócz, Hungary (now Cabalovce-Sterkovce, Slovakia), another town in the Zemplen Megye. Cecelia was the daughter of Löb (Leopold) Rosenbluth, a teacher, probably by his first wife, Feige.1 Cecelia is related to the travel agency Rosenbluths, although I have not yet ascertained the precise nature of the relationship.2

Cecelia married Henry Magaziner in Hommona (Humenne) on September 8, 1864. Henry was a widower with two infant sons. Cecelia raised those sons and bore Henry ten more children, nine of whom survived to adulthood, emigrated to America and had children of their own.

Cecelia was obviously well-loved, because many of the Magaziner children passed on her name to their own daughters, either as a first name or as a middle name.3

Cecelia died of pneumonia in Philadelphia on November 12, 1906 at the age of 61. She was buried at Chevra Bikur Cholem Cemetery in Philadelphia.

Children of Henry Magaziner and Cecelia Rosenbluth are:

  1. Fannie Magaziner (b: 12 DEC 1865; d: 8 OCT 1935)
  2. Hugo Magaziner (b: 26 NOV 1867; d: 29 DEC 1936)
  3. Lena Magaziner (b: 1869; d: 15 JUN 1952)
  4. Jeanette Magaziner (b: 31 DEC 1872; d: 4 JAN 1970)
  5. Anna Magaziner (b: 11 JAN 1875; d: 22 FEB 1960)
  6. Louis Magaziner (b: 7 MAR 1877; d: 19 MAY 1956)
  7. Sadie Magaziner (b: 5 JUN 1879; d: JUN 1964)
  8. William Edward Magaziner (b: 23 SEP 1881; d: 13 JUL 1956)
  9. Israel Lob Lajos Magaziner (b: 24 MAR 1884; d: 18 APR 1887)
  10. Nellie Magaziner (b: 15 APR 1887; d: JUN 1979)

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1. Henry and Cecelia's marriage record does not identify Cecelia's mother. In the 1869 census, Leopold Rosenbluth has a wife named Eszti Lefkovits, but this could not be Cecelia's mother because Eszti was married to a different man in the 1850s. Birth records for Leopold's five children born in the 1850s give a mother's name as Feige, Scheindl, Feige, Leni and Feige. These are probably all the same woman, but I'm sticking with the name Feige because it is the name that most commonly occurs and because Cecelia's first daughter, Fannie, was born Feige. It's interesting to note, however, that Cecelia also had a daughter Leni (Lena) and Scheindl (Anna).
2. Both Magaziner family lore and Rosenbluth family lore confirm the connection. A Rosenbluth genealogist has a "Tante Magaziner" (Auntie Magaziner) in her family tree, reported by her father. She reports that her ancestors' family physician was William Magaziner, who was known to be related somehow. Likewise, many Magaziners report a vague awareness of the relationship. Cecelia is not the sister of the travel agency patriarch, because his father's name is Yitzchak, not Lob; however, she is likely a cousin. The travel agency founder lived a few houses away from Leopold Rosenbluth in the 1869 Hungarian census. A Mark Rosenbluth (the travel agency founder?) was a witness on the birth record for Louis Magaziner.
3. Anthony, Sadie and Lena all had daughters named Cecelia. Anna's daughter's name was Elsie Cecelia. In fact, the name is so common in the family that one of Cecelia's namesakes goes by her middle name, because, "there were already several Cecelia's living."

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