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Fanny's Tree

Fanny Magaziner Shatz

Fanny Magaziner was born around 1841, the daughter of Samuel Magaziner and Salie. The mother could be the same woman as Pauline's mother Sarah, because Pauline was born close to the same time as Fanny, and Sally and Sara are often interchangeable names, but their brother David, who was apparently born between them, had a mother named Rozalia on his death certificate.

Fanny married David L Schatz in Hungary, probably between 1860 and 1864. David was born in Hanover, Germany in 1835. He worked as a tailor. David was a widower with children from a previous marriage, but it is not clear how many of the children they raised were Fanny's and how many were from David's previous marriage. Child Lajos, who died in infancy, was definitely Fanny's but the rest are less certain. I have included all of the children in the household on this page.

David and Fanny lived in Eperjes (now Presov, Slovakia), about 40 miles west of Humenne. It is the town where Fanny's oldest brother Jozsef went to school in 1847.

Fanny came to America from Bremen on the Steamer New York with four children on November 21, 1865. She was the first of our Magaziners I have found a record of in America. David was probably already here, but I have not found the record of his immigration. Fanny came on the same ship as Joseph Magaziner, a butcher from Eperjes. They were not grouped together on the manifest, but they were on the same page. I have not found him in America and do not know if he was related to our Magaziners. In America, their name was normally spelled Shatz. They initially settled in Cincinnati, but later moved to Cleveland. They returned to Cincinnati after son Michael died, and finally moved to Manhattan, where son John had settled.

David died in Manhattan on August 3, 1894 and was buried at Machpelah Cemetery in Ridgewood, New York. Fanny died in Manhattan on October 16, 1903 after an operation for gall bladder cancer. She was buried with David at Machpelah.

Children of Fanny Magaziner and David Shatz include:

  1. Isadore J. Shatz (b: 8 DEC 1858; d: 18 NOV 1915)
  2. Michael Shatz (b: 22 DEC 1860; d: 21 JUL 1878)
  3. John Alexander Shatz (b: 8 FEB 1861; d: 6 JAN 1916)
  4. Augusta Shatz (b: 1862; d: 25 DEC 1922)
  5. Lajos Shatz (b: 10 JAN 1864; d: 23 JUN 1864)

Generation #4

Isadore J. Shatz

Izidor Schatz was born in Eperjes, Saros, Slovakia on December 8, 1858, the son of David Schatz and Minna (according to his birth record). His mother's name was listed as Augusta Price on his death certificate. He came to America with Fanny on November 21, 1865 from Bremen to New York City on the Steamer New York. He lived with David and Fanny in the 1870s and 1880s, from Cincinnati to Cleveland and back to Cincinnati. He came to spell his name as Isadore J. Shatz.

Isadore married Ella Basch in Franklin County, Ohio on April 11, 1888. Ella was born in Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 21, 1865. They settled in Findlay, Ohio, where Isadore worked as a retail clothing merchant. They had no children.

Isadore died in Columbus, Ohio on November 18, 1915 and was buried at Green Lawn Cemetery in Columbus. His death certificate gives his date of birth as December 25, 1847, with an age to match, but this seems to be a mistake. The age he claimed on every census matches up with the date of birth on what is probably his Hungarian birth record: December 8, 1858. After Isadore's death, Ella lived with her unmarried sister Hinda for a while. She died on January 29, 1930 in Columbus and was buried with Isadore at Green Lawn.

Michael Shatz

Miklos Schatz was born in Eperjes, Saros, Slovakia on December 22, 1860, the son of David Schatz and Minna, probably the same woman as Isadore's mother. He came to America with Fanny on November 21, 1865 from Bremen to New York City on the Steamer New York. In America, he came to be known as Michael Shatz.

The family was living in Cleveland when Michael died in an accidental drowning on July 21, 1878. I have found no record of his burial. Shortly after his death, most of the family returned to Cincinnati, except for brother John, who worked as a traveling salesman.

John Alexander Shatz

Sandor Schatz was born in Humenne, Hungary (according to his daughter Gedelle's birth record), the son of David Shatz and Rosali Price (according to his death certificate). Rosali may be the same woman as Isadore's mother, Augusta Price, and could be the Minna identified as Isadore and Michael's mother. His date of birth was given as February 8, 1861 on his death certificate, but the year seems unlikely because his age on census records consistently made him considerably older and his age on the immigration ship manifest and on the 1870 census was between Isadore's and Michael's, suggesting that his birth year was more likely 1860. I have found no record of his birth in Eperjes or Humenne.

Sandor came to America with Fanny on November 21, 1865 from Bremen to New York City on the Steamer New York. In America, he came to be known as John Alexander Shatz, Alexander being a common translation of Sandor. He worked as a traveling salesman and was for a time a director of the Associated Traveling Men's Association. He eventually settled in Manhattan, living for a while with widowed mother Fanny and his younger sister Augusta.

John married Ruth Rebecca Strauss in Brooklyn, New York on November 5, 1900. Ruth was born in Brooklyn, New York on July 16, 1876. John settled down from his traveling ways and became a clothing manufacturer and salesman in Manhattan. They had 4 children, though one of them died in infancy.

John died on January 6, 1916 in Brooklyn, New York and was buried at Union Fields Cemetery, adjacent to Machpelah where David and Fanny were buried. Ruth survive him by 25 years but never remarried. She died on May 31, 1941 in Brooklyn, New York and was buried with John at Union Fields.

Children of John Alexander Shatz and Ruth Rebecca Strauss include:

  1. Dorothy Lilian Shatz (b: 14 MAR 1903; d: JUN 1987)
  2. Gedelle Ruth Shatz (b: 5 DEC 1904; d: 15 DEC 1991)
  3. John Rutherford Shatz (b: 23 MAY 1908; d: 13 DEC 1981)

Augusta Shatz Munch

Augusta Schatz was born in Hungary around 1862, apparently the daughter of David Schatz and Fanny Magaziner, because her marriage record identifies Fanny as her mother. She came to America with Fanny on November 21, 1865 from Bremen to New York City on the Steamer New York. In America, she was known as Gussie Shatz. She lived with the family in Ohio and came to New York with her parents around 1890.

Samuel Munch, 1923 Passport Photo
Samuel Munch

On June 25, 1905, Gussie married Samuel Munch in Manhattan. Sam was born in New York City on September 30, 1861, but had resided in Waterbury, Connecticut for many years. He worked as a director of the Atwater Manufacturing Company in Plantsville, Connecticut, now in the National Register of Historic Places. Sam was a widower with two teenaged children. They had no additional children together.

Augusta died on December 25, 1922 in Hartford, Connecticut and was buried at Linden Hill Jewish Cemetery in Ridgewood, New York. Samuel died on November 17, 1940 in Hartford and was buried with Augusta at Linden Hill.

Generation #5

Dorothy Lilian Shatz Rosenberg

Dorothy Shatz and David Rosenberg, 1923 Passport Photo
Dorothy and David, 1923

Dorothy Lilian Shatz was born in Brooklyn on March 14, 1903, the daughter of John Alexander Shatz and Ruth Rebecca Strauss. She married David Rosenberg in Brooklyn on June 28, 1923. David was born in Brooklyn on June 17, 1900. He worked as an attorney and also invested in real estate along with the husband of Dorothy's sister Gedelle. They had two sons.

One of those sons, Martin J. Rosenberg, served in the 493rd Bombardment Group during World War II and died in action. Martin was buried in a military cemetery in France. Dorothy and David's marriage seems to have broken up around that time. David was living in France at the time and returned to America with a new French wife. In later years, he changed his surname to Gilbert and was living in Arlington, Virginia. He died there on December 27, 1963 and was buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Dorothy never remarried. She kept the surname Rosenberg and remained in New York until her death in December, 1987, at the age of 84.

Children of Dorothy Lilian Shatz and David Gilbert:

  1. Martin John Rosenberg (b: 1925; d: 5 NOV 1944)

Gedelle Ruth Shatz Held Suval

Alexander Held, 1919 Passport Photo
Alexander Held
Gedelle Shatz, 1931 Divorce Proceedings
Gedelle Shatz

Gedelle Ruth Shatz was born in Manhattan, New York on December 5, 1904, the daughter of John Alexander Shatz and Ruth Rebecca Strauss. She married Alexander Held in Brooklyn on June 4, 1925. Alexander was born in New York City on January 13, 1898. The marriage was short-lived: Gedelle brought suit for divorce in 1931 after Alex was spotted at a Manhattan hotel with "a blond mystery woman." Alex and Gedelle had no children.

Gedelle remarried to Ira Suval in February 1933. Ira was born in New York on January 11, 1903. As children, Gedelle and Ira went to Sunday school together at Temple Beth Emeth in Brooklyn. Ira worked as an antiques and art dealer at his father's business, Philip Suvall Inc. Gedelle and Ira had a son together.

Ira suffered congestive heart failure while on a trip to Bermuda in 1970. Gedelle survived him by more than 20 years but never remarried. She died on December 15, 1991.

Children of Gedelle Ruth Shatz and Ira Suval:


John Rutherford Shatz

John Rutherford Shatz was born in Manhattan on May 23, 1908, the son of John Alexander Shatz and Ruth Rebecca Strauss. He worked in the furniture business, as a salesman and later as a manager. He was apparently married at some time in the 1930s but divorced after a short time and apparently never remarried. During World War II, he served in the Air Force as a Staff Sergeant. He was captured by the Nazis and held in a prisoner of war camp, and was liberated at the end of the war.

John died on December 13, 1981.

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