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Pauline's Tree

Pauline Magaziner

Pauline Magaziner was born in Hungary around 1846, the daughter of Samuel Magaziner and Sarah Katz. It is impossible to be certain of her date of birth, because I can find no record of her birth and information about her date of birth is inconsistent and sometimes implausible. She may be Samuel's daughter Eszter, who was born October 13, 1845. She could also be Samuel and Sarah's daughter Perl, who was born August 17, 1852, but if so then she claimed to be six years older than she actually was, immigrated by herself before the age of 16 and had her first child at 17.

Pauline married Joseph Bottenstein, another Hungarian immigrant, in the United States in 1868. Joseph was born around March 1834 and came to America on the Jenny in August, 1865. He worked as a traveling salesman and was a great marketer of corsets. Pauline and Joseph had three daughters. They lived first in Circleville, Ohio where their first two daughters were born. They later moved to Cleveland, where their third daughter was born, and finally to Columbus, where they lived from 1880 until their death.

Although there were many other Magaziner family members in various parts of Ohio (see Coming to America), it appears that the Bottensteins were not in contact with them. But in 1901, their cousin Moritz Weinberger made a surprise visit to Gold Mine, a clothing store owned and operated by Pauline's daughters, Sadie and Mayme. The Social Notes in the local newspaper reported that the girls had never met Moritz before and didn't know who he was!

Pauline died of pancreatic cancer on January 31, 1904. She was about 58 years old. Joseph died of stomach cancer on December 18, 1914. They are buried together at Green Lawn Cemetery in Columbus, Ohio.

Children of Pauline Magaziner and Joseph Bottenstein are:

  1. Sadie Bottenstein (b: 28 MAY 1869; d: 31 MAR 1963)
  2. Mayme Bottenstein (b: 9 JUN 1871; d: 18 AUG 1960)
  3. Blanche Rose Bottenstein (b: 4 JUL 1876; d: 21 NOV 1943)

Generation #4

Sadie Bottenstein Frank Magaziner

Sadie Bottenstein was born on May 28, 1869 in Circleville, Ohio. She worked as a milliner along with her sisters.

On March 16, 1890, Sadie married Max Adolf Frank. Max was born in in Ruchheim, Ludwigshafen, Germany on May 25, 1867. He worked in the notions business. They had two children. Max committed suicide on his father-in-law Joseph's doorstep on January 18, 1896, when their children were very young. He was buried at Green Lawn Cemetery, in the same plot where Sadie and her parents would later be buried.

Hugo-Sadie Connection

On January 14, 1902, Sadie remarried to Hugo Magaziner, her second cousin on the Magaziner side. Sadie's maternal grandfather was the brother of Hugo's paternal grandfather. See illustration. They married in Philadelphia, where Hugo's family lived, but they lived in Columbus, Ohio, where they continued the millinery business with Sadie's sisters. They had no children together.

Hugo died on December 29, 1936. He was buried at Green Lawn Cemetery in Columbus, Ohio, in the same plot where Sadie's parents and first husband` were buried. Sadie never remarried after Hugo. She died March 31, 1963, at the age of 93. She was buried with Hugo, her parents and her first husband at Green Lawn Cemetery.

Children of Sadie Bottenstein and Max Adolf Frank are:

  1. Edwin Alex Frank (b: 21 NOV 1890; d: 9 MAY 1980)
  2. Helen Myrtle Frank (b: 5 NOV 1894; d: 21 DEC 1980)

Mayme Bottenstein Greenwald

Mayme Bottenstein was born on June 9, 1871 in Circleville, Ohio. She worked in the millinery business with her sisters.

Mayme married David I. Greenwald on June 16, 1909 in Franklin County, Ohio. David was born in Cleveland, Ohio on November 1, 1869. He also worked in the family millinery business. Later he was associated with the Shoe Corporation of America. Mayme and David had no children.

David died on August 29, 1955 in Columbus, Ohio. He was buried at Green Lawn Cemetery with the rest of the Bottenstein family, in the same plot with Mayme's sister Blanche and her husband. Mayme died in Cleveland Heights, Ohio on August 18, 1960 at the age of 89. She was buried at Green Lawn Cemetery with David.

Blanche Rose Bottenstein Simpson

Blanche Rose Bottenstein was born on July 4, 1876 in Cleveland, Ohio. She worked as a milliner with her sisters.

On June 14, 1899, Blanche married George Martin Simpson on in Licking County, Ohio. George was born on May 31, 1876 in Columbus Ohio. He worked in the millinery business with Blanche and her sisters. They had one son.

Blanche died on November 21, 1943 in Columbus Ohio of heart disease at the age of 65. She was buried at Green Lawn Cemetery with her family. George died less than a year later, also due to heart disease, on June 2, 1944. He was buried with Blanche and her family at Green Lawn Cemetery.

Child of Blanche Rose Bottenstein and George Martin Simpson:

  1. George Sidney Simpson (b: 21 SEP 1908; d: 2 DEC 1961)

Generation #5

Edwin Alex Frank

Edwin Alex Frank was born on November 21, 1890 in Chillicothe, Ohio. He was the son of Sadie Bottenstein and Max Adolf Frank. He sometimes used the name Edward, and sometimes used his stepfather's Magaziner surname. Edwin worked in the family millinery business in his youth.

Edwin married Gertrude Dayton on April 11, 1917 in Franklin County, Ohio. Gertrude was born on March 7, 1898 in Logan, Ohio. Edwin and Gertrude had two children. They divorced in the 1930s. On November 6, 1940, Gertrude was struck by a car and died en route to the hospital. She was buried at Union Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio.

Sometime in the 1940s or 50s, Edwin moved to Los Angeles, California. He was living there when Sadie died in 1963. Edwin died on May 9, 1980 in Stanton, California and was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Cypress, California.

Children of Edwin Alex Frank and Gertrude Dayton are:

  1. Edwin Joseph Frank (b: 8 AUG 1918; d: JAN 1982)
  2. Robert Hugo Frank (b: 25 JUN 1923; d: 28 JAN 2007)

Helen Myrtle Frank Rosen

Helen Myrtle Frank was born on November 5, 1894 in Chillicothe, Ohio. She was the daughter of Sadie Bottenstein and Max Adolf Frank. In her youth, she sometimes used her stepfather's Magaziner surname.

Helen married Sanford Edward Rosen on June 3, 1917 in Franklin County, Ohio. Sanford was born on July 15, 1893 in Brest Litovsk, Belarus. He came to the United States in 1906 and was naturalized in Ohio on March 31, 1919. He worked as a physician. They lived in Cleveland, Ohio. They had two sons, one of whom died in early childhood.

Sanford died on December 7, 1970 in Ohio and was buried at Mayfield Cemetery in Cleveland. After his death, Helen moved to San Mateo, California. She died in San Mateo, California on December 21, 1980 and was buried with Sanford at Mayfield.

Children of Helen Myrtle Frank and Sanford Edward Rosen are:

  1. Sanford Edward Rosen, Jr. (b: 13 MAY 1920; d: 26 AUG 2006)
  2. Milton Rosen (b: 23 DEC 1922; 13 DEC 1929)

George Sidney Simpson

George Simpson at the track, circa 1930
George 1930

George Sidney Simpson was born on September 21, 1908 in Columbus, Ohio. He was the son of Blanche Rose Bottenstein and George Martin Simpson.

George attended Ohio State University, where he was a championship sprinter. He was known as the "Buckeye Bullet" five years before Jesse Owens earned that nickname. In 1929, George set a world record for the 100 yard sprint, but the record was disqualified because he used starting blocks, a routine practice today but not accepted at the time. In 1932, George won an Olympic silver medal in the 200 meter sprint.

Myrna Nelson 1930
Myrna 1930

George married Myrna Nelson around 1931. Myrna was born in Columbus, Ohio on August 17, 1908. She attended Ohio State University at the same time as George. They had two children who are still living. George worked as Auditor for the Ohio Department of Taxation.

Sadly, George's athletic fitness didn't protect him from the family history of heart disease that took the lives of both of his parents. George died of a heart attack while watching a card game at a country club at the age of 55, on December 2, 1961 in Columbus, Ohio. He was buried at Glen Rest Memorial Estate in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, and his tombstone there describes him as "World's Fastest Human, 100 yds, 4 sec. OSU 1929." Myrna never remarried. She died in Bexley, Ohio on October 14, 1997.

Children of George Sidney Simpson and Myrna Nelson:


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