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Rezi Magaziner Weinberger

Rezi's Tree

Rezi Magaziner was born in Humenne in 1835, the first daughter of Samuel. She appears in some records as Resi, Rosl or Rosi. I have found no record of Rezi's mother's name, but I assume her mother was Julia Wickman, who was the mother of Rezi's younger sister Johanna.

Rezi married Samuel (Salamon) Weinberger on June 21, 1853 in Humenne. Samuel was born around 1833 in Darocz in the Ung megye. He worked as a pub tenant. Later he became a spice merchant. They had at least seven children.

Rezi died of typhus on May 22, 1870 in Humenne at the age of 36. Samuel remarried to Rezi's cousin, Johana Meisels, Samuel died in Kassa on March 24, 1898 and was buried at the Kosice Jewish Cemetery.

Children of Rezi Magaziner and Samuel (Salamon) Weinberger include:

  1. Moritz Weinberger (Moses) (b: 30 JAN 1855; d: 21 JUL 1914)
  2. Antal Weinberger (Ansel) (b: 12 MAR 1856; d: 3 MAR 1926)
  3. Lea Weinberger (Linka) (b: 20 MAY 1859)
  4. Sandor Weinberger (b: 1862; d: 4 MAY 1901)
  5. Lajos Weinberger (Lovi Leanif Weinberger; Lowy Leon Weinberger) (b: 9 FEB 1865; d: 3 SEP 1951)
  6. Rozi Weinberger (b: 1868)
  7. Berta Weinberger (b: 29 MAR 1868; d: 1945)

Generation #4

Moritz Weinberger (Moses)

Moses Weinberger was born on January 30, 1855 in Humenne. He was the first great-grandchild born to Lowi, and Lowi was present at his circumcision. Later he was known as Moritz Weinberger. In 1869, he attend a gymnaziumi (school) in Beregszasz, where his uncle Jozsef lived.

In July, 1880, Moritz came to America on the Herder. He settled in Cleveland, Ohio, and was naturalized there in 1885. He worked as the editor of the Cleveland Anzeiger [Gazette], a German language newspaper. He married Ray Anna Parsons in Cleveland on July 10, 1881. Ray was born Rachel Ann Parsons, a Quaker, in Philadelphia on January 22, 18481. She worked as a school teacher. They had three daughters. The marriage ended in divorce in November 1890, and Ray was awarded "custody of her two children", which probably means that one of the daughters died before that time. Ray died of cancer in Cleveland on October 30, 1894 and was buried at Massillon City Cemetery in Massillon, Ohio, the same cemetery where her sister Mary was buried. I have not found any information about what happened to two of their daughters, not even the girls' first names, but I have found a little information about the third daughter Wanda.

Moritz remarried in Cuyahoga, Ohio on June 4, 1892 to Julia Mayer, a recent Hungarian immigrant. Julia was born on May 13, 1857, and this was her second marriage. Moritz and Julia moved back to Budapest around 1894. While in Budapest, he used the name Moritz Vas and worked as a cashier for Paschka es Tarsa blinds manufacturers, a business in which his younger brother Sandor was a partner. When Sandor died in 1901, Moritz withdrew 24,000 kronen (apparently worth about $57,000 in today's US dollars) from Paschka es Tarsa's accounts in various banks, then left for the United States. Moritz was charged with embezzlement and the firm offered a 1000 kronen reward to the party making his arrest, but Moritz claimed that Sandor had invested that money in the business on Moritz's behalf. I have not found any report of how those criminal charges were resolved.

Moritz returned to Ohio by the end of 1901. In fact, he paid a surprise visit to his Magaziner cousins in Columbus, Sadie and Mayme, in the clothing store where they worked, Gold Mine. A social note in the newspaper reports that they had never met him before and did not did not know who he was! By 1902, Moritz was back in Cleveland, working as the advertising agent for the Cleveland Herald. Later he worked as an editor and journalist for Die Neue Heimat [The New Home], a German-language newspaper in Cleveland from its founding in 1907.

Moritz died suddenly in Cleveland on July 21, 1914, of a heart attack related to his history of Basedow's Disease (Graves' Disease). An obituary describes him as "one of the best known men in the Hungarian and German circles of Cleveland." Another obituary says that he is survived by a widow (Julia) and three children, though it is not clear whether these are the three that he had with Ray or if he had additional children with Julia. It says that one of the surviving children is a daughter, Elsie, a school teacher, though I have found no record of her. She could be one of the unnamed daughters of Moritz and Ray, or she could be some other child I have not found a record of. Julia died on August 19, 1918 of pernicious anemia and inanition.

Children of Moritz Weinberger and Ray Anna Parsons:

  1. Female Weinberger (b: 13 NOV 1885)
  2. Female Weinberger (b: 15 APR 1887)
  3. Wanda Lucille Weinberger (b: 26 MAY 1890; d: 8 SEP 1949)
  4. Elsie Weinberger (possibly a duplicate of one of the above)

Antal Weinberger (Ansel; Anschel)

Ansel Weinberger was born on March 12, 1856 in Humenne. He appears in some records as Antal, Anschel or Ancel. His Hebrew name was Eliezer. In 1869, he attended gymnaziumi (school) in Beregszasz. In the 1890s, Antal worked in a blinds manufacturing business with his uncle Lajos (who was a few years younger than Antal). Later he worked as a stock broker.

Antal married Eszter Mandel on October 15, 1890 in Kisvarda Szabolcs. Eszter was born in Thass on February 12, 1869. The marriage did not last long: both Antal and Eszter remarried a year later. Antal remarried to Ilona Weinberger on July 21, 1891 in Ujhely. Ilona was born on September 5, 1872 in Ujhely. Antal and Ilona had at least four children, but one of them died very young of tuberculosis.

Antal died of arteriosclerosis in Budapest on March 3, 1926, at the age of 70. Ilona died in Budapest on February 21, 1935 of pneumonia and encephalitis. They were both buried at Kozma Utcai Izraelita Temeto in Budapest, in adjacent sections.

Children of Antal Weinberger and Ilona Weinberger include:

  1. Erzsebet Weinberger (b: 11 SEP 1894; d: 7 AUG 1927)
  2. Anna Weinberger (b: 6 FEB 1896)
  3. Klara Weinberger (b: 7 AUG 1898; d: 30 MAR 1901)
  4. Maria Weinberger (b: 14 DEC 1903)

Sandor Weinberger

Sandor Weinberger was born in 1862 in Humenne. Sandor was a partner in Paschka es Tarsa blinds manufacturers in Budapest, a business that was apparently in competition with the businesses of his brother Antal, his uncle Lajos and his aunt Johanna. He married Szidomia Posner. Szidomia was born in Nagy-Becskerek in 1866. They apparently had four daughters, though some of the information on those birth records does not match (the mother's name is given as Sarolta Posner and the father's birthplace is given as Bilke).

Sandor died of heart disease in Budapest on May 4, 1901, around the age of 39. He was buried at Kozma Utcai Izraelita Temeto in Budapest. Szidomia is not buried with him, and I have found no further record of her.

Children of Sandor Weinberger and Szidomia Posner may include:

  1. Iren Weinberger (b: 27 JUN 1891)
  2. Aranka Rivka Weinberger (b: 26 FEB 1894)
  3. Livia (Lili) Weinberger (b: 07 DEC 1897; d: 19 DEC 1920)
  4. Erzsebet Sasadi (b: 27 DEC 1899)

Lajos Weinberger (Lovi Leanif Weinberger; Lowy Leon Weinberger)

Lovi Leanif Weinberger was born in Homonna on February 9, 1865. He appears in later records as Lowy Leon Weinberger or Lajos Weinberger. Lajos was an industrialist, possibly a blinds manufacturer like his uncles Lajos Magaziner and Albert Magaziner, because there was a blinds manufacturer named Lajos Weinberger listed in the 1900 Budapest City Directory.

On May 28, 1897, Lajos married Eliz Dornitzer in Nuremberg, Germany, under the name Lowy Leon Weinberger. Eliz was born in Nuremberg on July 26, 1875. In Hungary she was known as Erzsebet. The marriage was reigistered in Budapest later that year. I have found no record of whether they had any children, though they probably had at least one daughter because the informant on Lajos's death certificate was a Mrs. Karoly Harkany living at the same address as him. A Dr. Karoly Harkany is mentioned in connection with a Budapest organization that saved Jews during the Holocaust in Randolph Braham's book, The Politics of Genocide: The Holocaust in Hungary. Lajos is included as a survivor in the Nevek Project list of Jews persecuted during the Holocaust.

Lajos died in Budapest on September 3, 1951, at the age of 86. He was buried at Kozma Utcai Izraelita Temeto in Budapest, like many members of the family. Eliz died in Budapest of calcified encephalitis on February 11, 1956 and was buried with him at Kozma Utca.

Berta Weinberger Frisch

Berta Weinberger was born on March 29, 1868 in Humenne. She married Elek Elia Frisch on May 24, 1887 in Berencs, Kis-Varda. The family name appears in some records as Friss. Elek was born around 1854 in Doghe. He was a farmer. Berta and Elek had at least six children.

Elek died before 1909, when his daughter Iren's marriage record identified him as deceased. He was probably the one who placed a classified ad in 1903 for a Jewish religious teacher for his two sons in Nyíregyháza (the town where his youngest son was born in 1895; his only other son was Jozsef, born 1893). He may have died in Nyiregyhaza, the town where his last child was born, because there is a tombstone in that cemetery for an Elek Friss, but the tombstone contains no other information, not even dates of birth and death. Berta died of old age on January 14, 1945. She was buried at Kozma Utcai Izraelita Temeto in Budapest. Berta apparently never remarried, because her death record identifies her as Friss Elekne Weinberger Berta (Mrs. Elek Friss, Berta Weinberger), and her tombstone identifies her similiarly.

Children of Berta Weinberger and Elek Elia Frisch include:

  1. Terezia Frisch (Rozi, Rezi, Gitel Raizel, Gitel Kind) (b: 30 MAR 1888 in Doghe; d: 13 NOV 1962)
  2. Yolan Frisch (b: 31 MAY 1889 in Kotaj; d: 30 JUL 1964)
  3. Rezsi Frisch (b: 25 SEP 1890 in Kotaj; d: 1967)
  4. Iren Szora Frisch (b: 5 FEB 1892 in Kisvarda)
  5. Jozsef Frisch (Joska) (b: 5 NOV 1893 in Beszterecz; d: 23 SEP 1961)
  6. Aladar Friss (b: 12 JAN 1895 in Nyiregyhaza)

Generation #5

Wanda Lucille Weinberger Bennett Marion Trewartha Jones

Wanda Lucille Weinberger was born in Cleveland, Ohio on May 26, 1890, the daughter of Moritz Weinberger and Ray Anna Parsons. She married Alexander T. Bennett in Chicago on April 30, 1912. Alexander was an auto painter born in Scotland around 1890. They had a daughter also named Wanda born in Wisconsin around 1913.

Wanda remarried to Thomas Alonzo Marion in Alameda, California on June 11, 1926. Tom was a widower with a 19-year-old son and a four-year-old daughter. He was born in New York on July 12, 1872, though he claimed to be much younger when they married. The marriage was very short-lived, because Tom was living separately with his children in the 1930 census and was described as Single. In fact, the marriage may have been annulled because Wanda used the name Wanda Bennett after this marriage and her next marriage license said that the third marriage was her second. Tom died in Alameda on July 3, 1951.

On June 16, 1936, Wanda remarried to John Thomas Trewartha in Los Angeles. John was a machinery maintainer born in Iron Mountain, Michigan on April 7, 1889. Wanda was still married to John when he died in Los Angeles on October 6, 1943. He was buried at Inglewood Park Cemetery in Los Angeles. John's obituary listed Wanda's daughter by her first marriage as if she were John's daughter.

Wanda then remarried to John Davies Jones in Los Angeles on February 26, 1946. The marriage license said that she was a widow and this was her second marriage, but in fact this was her fourth. John was a gardener, born in Dyffryn, Merionethshire, Wales on February 7, 1890.

Though she had four husbands, Wanda apparently only had one child, born to the first husband.

Wanda died in Los Angeles on September 8, 1949.

Children of Wanda Lucille Weinberger and Alexander T Bennett:

  1. Wanda Janet Bennett (b: 16 MAR 1913; d: 05 AUG 2009)

Erzsebet Weinberger Lichtschein

Erzsebet Weinberger was born in Budapest on September 11, 1894, the daughter of Antal Weinberger and Ilona Weinberger. On September 20, 1921, Erzsebet married Marton Lichtschein. Marton was born in Debrecen on November 10, 1883. Marton was a farmer. They had a daughter Klara, probably named after Erzsebet's sister who died very young.

Erzsebet died of encephalitis in Debrecen on August 7, 1927. Marton remarried in 1941. Daughter Klara perished in the Holocaust, at the Strasshof Concentration Camp in Austria in 1944, at the age of 19. Marton may have survived the Holocaust, because he appears in a list of Jews of Debrecen in 1945, but he also appears in Yizkor book of martyrs of Debrecen, so his status after the Holocaust is not clear.

Children of Erzsebet Weinberger and Marton Lichtschein:

  1. Klara Lichtschein (b: 7 MAY 1924; d: 7 JAN 1944)

Anna Weinberger Gottlieb Haim

Anna Weinberger was born in Budapest on February 6, 1896, the daughter of Antal Weinberger and Ilona Weinberger. She first married Albert Gottlieb in Budapest on December 12, 1916. Albert Gottlieb was born on March 2, 1890. I have no record of whether they had any children. The marriage ended in divorce on February 16, 1927.

Anna remarried to Davicso Salamon Lipot Haim in Budapest on March 14, 1927, less than a month after the divorce. He was known as Leo. Leo was born in Budapest on April 13, 1887. He died in Budapest on February 14, 1954 from heart troubles. He was divorced at the time of his death, though I have no information about when he divorced or if it was Anna he divorced (she could have died first and he divorced a subsequent wife).

I have found no further record of Anna or Albert.

Maria Weinberger Braun Konig

Maria Weinberger was born in Budapest on December 14, 1903, the daughter of Antal Weinberger and Ilona Weinberger. She was known as Mici. Mici married Ivan Braun in Budapest on November 24, 1923. Ivan was born in Sarbogard, Fejer, Hungary on February 21, 1895. He worked for the stock exchange commission. The marriage didn't last: they were divorced in March 1924.

Mici remarried to Karoly Konig in Budapest on July 18, 1924. Karoly was born in Budapest on September 3, 1897. He was a jeweler. I have found no record of them after the marriage, other than the fact that they were still married in 1927 when her sister Erzsebet died.

Iren Weinberger Hegedus

Iren Weinberger was born in Budapest on June 27, 1891. She was probably the daughter of Sandor Weinberger and Szidomia Posner, though the information on her birth record does not match perfectly. On June 15,1920, Iren married Szilard Hegedus in Budapest. Szilard was born as Szilard Heller in Nagy-Varad on October 21, 1888 and his family changed the name when he was 10 years old. Szilard was a widower whose first wife died a few months before he married Iren and left him with a 4-year-old son. I have found no records of them after the marriage.

Aranka Rivka Weinberger Bieber Vamosi

Aranka Rivka Weinberger was born in Budapest on February 26, 1894. She was probably the daughter of Sandor Weinberger and Szidomia Posner, though the information on her birth record does not match perfectly. She changed her surname from Weinberger to Vamosi in Budapest in 1946, at the age of 52. Vamosi was the surname of the husband of Aranka's first cousin, Iren Szora Frisch. This may be purely a coincidence, it's a rather common name in Hungary.

Aranka may be the wife of Jozsef Bieber, who had children named Sandor (Aranka's father's name) and Iren (Aranka's sister's name) when this Aranka was in her 20s, though there is no mention of this name in her name change.

Livia Weinberger Troppauer (Lili)

Lili Weinberger was born in Budapest on December 7, 1897. She was probably the daughter of Sandor Weinberger and Szidomia Posner, though like the others, her records identify the mother's name as Sarolta Posner and the father's birthplace as Bilke. She married Istvan Troppauer in Budapest on March 30, 1919 under the name Livia Weinberger. Istvan was born on February 16, 1895. He was a journalist for Az Ujsag (a newspaper named, in Hungarian, "The Newspaper"), and he apparently got into some legal trouble for some of the things he wrote, along with the newspaper itself.

Livia died of tuberculosis less than two years after the marriage, on December 19, 1920, and was buried at Kozma Utcai Izraelita Temeto as Troppauer Istvanne Weinberger Lili (Lili Weinberger, Mrs. Istvan Troppauer). Istvan died of tuberculosis seven years later, on June 20, 1927 in Budapest, and identified the deceased Livia as his wife.

Terezia Frisch Fabian (Rozi, Rezi, Gitel Raizel, Gitel Kind)

Rozi or Rezi Frisch was born in Doghe on March 30, 1888, the daughter of Elek Elia Frisch and Berta Weinberger. Her Hebrew name was Gitel Raizel or Gitel Kind. On January 27, 1920 she married in Budapest to Mihaly Fabian. Her name appeared on the marriage certificate as Terezia Friss and her date of birth appeared as March 30, 1890, possibly because she was marrying a younger man: Mihaly was born in Groshaza on September 7, 1889. Mihaly was Catholic. I have found no record of whether Mihaly and Terezia had children.

Terezia died of pneumonia in Budapest on November 13, 1962. It is not clear whether Mihaly survived her.

Yolan Frisch Stern Kaufman

Jolan Frisch was born in Kotaj on May 31, 1889, the daughter of Elek Elia Frisch and Berta Weinberger. She came to America in October 1906 on the Vaderland. Her contact in America was her father's brother, Sandor Frisch, who owned a rooming house outside of Pittsburgh called Hotel Frisch. Sandor also paid for her passage. In America, she spelled her name as Yolan (the Hungarian "J" is pronounced like the American "Y"). Yolan later settled in Cleveland. It's not clear whether she knew that her mother's brother, Moritz Weinberger lived in Cleveland, or that her grandmother's sister Pauline Magaziner and her grandmother's first cousin William Meisels both lived in Columbus Ohio. Yolan worked as a dressmaker like her Philadelphia distant cousins, Fannie, Lena and Jennie, who also came to America as teenagers.

Yolan married David Stern in Cleveland on September 13, 1908. David was born on November 10, 1882 in Humenne, the hometown of the Magaziner family, the town where Yolan's mother was born. I have found no evidence that David was related to the Magaziners, and don't know if the families had any contact before the marriage. David was a cabinetmaker. He came to America in 1901 and settled in Cleveland. David and Yolan had two children. David died on October 16, 1927. He drowned in Lake Erie, an apparent suicide.

Yolan later worked in sales and owned a delicatessen. She remarried on April 14, 1931 to William Kaufman, also from Hungary, but that marriage did not last. Kaufman remarried less than a year later and Yolan returned to using the name Stern.

Yolan died on July 30, 1964 in Washington, D.C., where her son was living at the time.

Children of Yolan Frisch and David Stern:

  1. Edward Stern (b: 21 JUN 1909; d: 19 JUN 1977)
  2. Gladys Marian Stern (b: 23 SEP 1913; d: 19 OCT 1985)

Rezsi Frisch Klein Kalman

Rezsi Frisch was born in Kotaj on September 25, 1890, the daughter of Elek Elia Frisch and Berta Weinberger. On June 15, 1916, she married Sandor Klein in Budapest. Sandor was born in Budapest on July 13, 1884. At the time of the marriage, Sandor worked as an assistant for a paste dealer. In 1927, Sandor changed the family name to Kalman.

Sandor died of arteriosclerosis on February 1, 1965. He was buried at Kozma Utcai Izraelita Temeto in Budapest, under the name Kalman Ssandor. Rezsi died in 1967. She was buried at Kozma Utca with Sandor, under the name Kalman Sanddorne Frisch Rozsi (Mrs. Sandor Kalman, Rosi Frisch).

Iren Szora Frisch Vamosi

Iren Szora Frisch was born in Kisvarda on February 5, 1892, the daughter of Elek Elia Frisch and Berta Weinberger. On May 23, 1909, Iren married Ferencz Furst in Budapest. Ferencz was born on January 10, 1879. I have found no record of whether they had any children. Iren and Ferencz divorced on September 28, 1926. Ferencz died a few years later, on May 24, 1929, and was buried at Kozma Utcai Izraelita Temeto in Budapest.

On October 23, 1926, Iren remarried to Tibor Vamosi in Budapest. Tibor was born on December 28, 1893 in Bonyhad. Tibor converted to Catholicism in 1938, and served as a member of Parliament for the Catholic party in Budapest, but this did not protect them from the Holocaust. Iren and Tibor's names appear in a list of Holocaust survivors and on another Holocaust-related list, but the lists give no details about their experience during that dark time.

Iren and Tibor divorced in 1951. Tibor moved to British Columbia, Canada shortly after the divorce. He remained a practicing Catholic, remarried in British Columbia and died there on October 11, 1958. He was buried there with his Canadian wife. I have not found any record of Iren after the divorce.

Jozsef Frisch

Joska Frisch was born in Beszterecz, Hungary, on November 5, 1893, the son of Elek Elia Frisch and Berta Weinberger. As an adult, he was known as Jozsef. He worked as a holdings dealer.

Jozsef. married Maria Potilizin in Budapest on March 3, 1925. Maria was born in Minusinsk, Siberia, Russia, on April 13, 1902. She was not Jewish. Later in life, Jozsef worked as a Russian translator. They apparently had at least one daughter: in 1934, Jozsef's mother Berta made a donation contract with a minor child, Gabriella Frisch, and Jozsef served as her representative.

Jozsef died of prostate cancer on September 23, 1961 in Budapest. I have found no further record of Maria or Gabriella.

Children of Jozsef Frisch and Maria Potilizin:

  1. Gabriella Frisch

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1. For a long time, I was not certain that Moritz's Ohio wife Ray Anna Parsons was the same person as the Philadelphia Quaker Rachel Ann Parsons who was born around the same time, but I found sufficient proof in a member list from the Greene Street Monthly Meeting: next to the name Rachel Ann Parsons is a notation, "married now Winberger."

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