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Hani's Tree

Hani Magaziner Goldstein

In 1884, a marriage record for Regina Goldstein identified her as the daughter of "Mor-Hani maganzoh." JewishGen's transcription of this marriage record indicates that "Maganzoh" was the mother's maiden name, and I thought it might be a bad transcription of Magaziner, but looking at the original record, it looks like this might be her father's occupation ("maganzo" is Hungarian for a person of leisure, and the word is not capitalized as one would expect a name to be), so there my be no relation at all. On the other hand, the "original" records are actually copies, often copies of copies of bad handwriting, so there may be a relationship after all: the names Hani and Regina are common in the Magaziner family.

On April 28, 1862, Hani gave birth to Regina, the daughter of Mor Goldstein, in Tallya (or possibly Nagytalya). The only available record that clearly identifies Hani is Regina's 1884 marriage record saying Regina is 24 years old. If Hani is part of the tree, it is unclear how she fits in. She cannot be a daughter of Samuel or Anchell, because they both have daughters nicknamed Hani (Hannah and Johanna). She could be a late-born daughter of Lowi or a daughter of an unknown son of Lowi.

Children of Hani Magaziner and Mor Goldstein:

  1. Regina Goldstein (b: 28 APR 1862; d: 15 JUL 1944)

Generation #2

Regina Goldstein Sonnenschein

Regina Goldstein was born in Tallya (or possibly Nagytalya) on April 28, 1862, the daughter of Mor Goldstein and Hani Magaziner. She married Emannuel Zonenschein in Szerencs on May 13, 1884. Emannuel was born in Miskolcz or Kalnas, Saros around 1856. His name was later spelled Emanuel Sonnenschein. They had 5 children, though one was stillborn and another died in infancy.

Emanuel died on February 9, 1932 and was buried in Miskolc. His tombstone mentions the Holocaust deaths of Regina and several members of the family. Regina was a widow living in Miskolc when she was taken in the Holocaust. She perished in the Auschwitz death camp on July 15, 1944.

Children of Regina Goldstein and Emannuel Zonenschein:

  1. Elza Sonnenschein (b: 27 DEC 1886; d: 1968)
  2. Helena Sonnenschein (b: 22 MAY 1891; d: 1944)
  3. Dezso Spanyi (b: 16 JUL 1892; d: Holocaust)
  4. Erno Sonnenschein (b: 18 AUG 1893; d: 31 DEC 1893)

Generation #3

Elza Sonnenschein Polacsek

Elza Sonnenschein was born in Miskolc on December 27, 1886, the daughter of Emannuel Zonenschein and Regina Goldstein. She married Lajos Polacsek in Miskolc on March 22, 1908. Lajos was born on June 7, 1873. He worked as wholesale merchant. They had at least one child, because a 1950 Budapest court case involved a person named Erno Laszlo Polacsek (possibly a minor) and his mother, Elza Sonnenschein. Lajos died before 1931, when documents relating to Lajos's business refer to Elza as "the widow Mrs. Lajos Polascek".

Elza was the only one of Regina and Emannuel's children who survived the Holocaust, and appears to be the one who added mention of her siblings' Holocaust deaths to her father's tombstone.

Elza died in 1968 and was buried at Kozma Utcai Izraelita Temeto in Budapest as Polacsek Lajosne Sonnenschein Elza (Mrs. Lajos Polacsek, born Elza Sonnenschein).

Children of Elza Sonnenschein and Lajos Polacsek:

  1. Erno Laszlo Polacsek

Helena Sonnenschein Szego

Helena Sonnenschein was born in Miskolc on May 22, 1891, the daughter of Emannuel Zonenschein and Regina Goldstein. She was sometimes known as Ilona. She married Ferenc Szego. Ferenc was born as Ferencz Schvarcz in Fuzesabony, Hungary on June 30, 1887. He worked as a lawyer and had the title of Doctor. They had two children. Regina had a floor added to her house in Miskolc for Helena, Ferenc and their family.

During the Holocaust, Ferenc was a military forced laborer. He died in 1942 in Noszovka, Ukraine. Helena died at Auschwicz in 1944. They are remembered on her father's tombstone in Miskolc. The tombstone also remembers Ferenc's older brother, Lajos Szego, who died in the Holocaust. Helena and Ferenc's children survived the Holocaust, and had children and grandchildren of their own.

Children of Helena Sonnenschein and Ferenc Szego:

  1. Ivan Szego (b: 1923; d: 1986)
  2. Erika Szego (b: 6 JAN 1925; d: 2017)

Dezso Spanyi

Dezso Sonnenschein was born in Miskolc on July 16, 1892, the son of Emannuel Zonenschein and Regina Goldstein. He was working as a pharmacist in Budapest in 1916 when he changed his surname to Spanyi. He appears in the Budapest city directory as a pharmacist as late as 1928. He perished in the Holocaust. He is remembered on his father's tombstone in Miskolc.

Generation #4

Ivan Szego

Ivan Szego was born in 1923, the son of Ferenc Szego and Helena Sonnenschein. When the rest of the family was taken to the concentration camps during the Holocaust, Ivan hid in Budapest and survived. Later he married and had two children, who are living and have children of their own. Ivan died in Budapest in 1986.

Erika Szego Tatar

Erika Szego was born on January 6, 1925, the daughter of Ferenc Szego and Helena Sonnenschein. Erika worked as lab worker in various hospitals. During the Holocaust, she was deported to Auschwitz, but before the deportation she married Istvan Reiner. Istvan was born around 1920. He worked as mechanical engineer, and was engaged in foreign trade.

Erika and Istvan both survived the Holocaust. In fact, Erica provided a Holocaust survivor interview to USC's Shoah Foundation. A slideshow from it is available HERE. Erika and Istvan changed their surname to Tatar and had a son, who is living. They later divorced.

Erika remarried to Henryk Staniecki. Henryk was born in Lodz, Poland in 1922. He died in 1990 in Warsaw, Poland. Erika passed away in 2017.

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