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Ester Magaziner Klein

Ester's Tree

In Humenne around 1847, Ester Magaziner gave birth to Johana, the daughter of Jakob Klein. The only available record that clearly identifies Ester is Johana's 1864 marriage record. There is also an 1851 Humenne death record for an Ester Klein, a married woman, who is probably this woman. The decedent was 40 years old, which would put her birth in 1811, making her 36 at the time Johana was born, and she lived on the same street as in the death records for Lowi and Lea and for Samuel's wife Sara, at a house number (244) between Sara's (231) and Lowi and Lea's (260). But Ester and Klein are common names and this could be a different woman.

The Ester Klein in this death record is the right age to be a daughter of Lowi and Lea Magaziner and too old to be their granddaughter, but in the right age range to be Johanna's mother. No other Magaziner I have found in Humenne was old enough to be the parents of this Ester, but it is possible that Johanna's mother is a different, younger Ester and could be a child of Anchell. She could not be Samuel's child, because Samuel had a daughter named Eszter born in 1845.

Children of Ester Magaziner and Jakab Klein include:

  1. Johana Klein (b: 1847)

Generation #2

Johana Klein

Johana Klein was born in Humenne, Hungary around 1847, though I have not found the record of her birth. Her name sometimes appears in records as Hani or Anna. She married Moritz Majer Schon in nearby Ujhely on August 17, 1864. Moritz was born in Ujhely around 1837 and their children were all born there. Ujhely is the same town where Emil Magaziner later lived and ran an inn and coffee shop. Moritz's name sometimes appears as Mor, Mayer or Mor Majer. They had 13 children between 1865 and 1889, when Johana was 42 years old.

Moritz died before 1921, when his son Jacob's passport application identified his father as deceased. I have found no record of Johana after the birth of her last child.

Children of Johana Klein and Moritz Majer Schon:

  1. Lina Luisa Schon (b: 29 SEP 1865)
  2. Malvina Schon (b: 5 SEP 1868)
  3. Jacob Schoen (b: 17 AUG 1870; d: 25 OCT 1927)
  4. Armin Schon (b: 28 AUG 1872)
  5. Samuel L. Schon (b: 17 JAN 1875; d: 4 APR 1920)
  6. Sarolta Schon (b: 1876; d: 10 AUG 1935)
  7. Helen Schon (b: 9 JAN 1877)
  8. Jeremias Schon (b: 27 DEC 1878; d: 20 JUN 1880)
  9. Szerena Schon (b: 1 NOV 1880)
  10. Adolf Schon (b: 21 OCT 1882; d: 4 FEB 1945)
  11. Henrik Szenes (b: 29 SEP 1884)
  12. Dezso Schon (b: 3 AUG 1887; d: 28 MAY 1888)
  13. Erzsebet Schon (b: 3 OCT 1889)

Generation #3

Lina Luisa Schon

Luisa Schon was born in Ujhely on September 29, 1865, the daughter of Moritz Majer Schon and Johana Klein. Her name later appeared in records as Lina. She married Sandor Izrael Deutsch in Ujhely on July 14, 1886. Sandor was born in Tokaj, Hungary on March 14, 1860. They had at least three children, though two of them died in infancy. The last of their children was born near the end of available birth records for that town, so it is quite possible that they had other children later.

Children of Lina Luisa Schon and Sandor Izrael Deutsch include:

  1. Ignacz Deutsch (b: 26 NOV 1887; d: 21 FEB 1888)
  2. Miksa Deutsch (b: 31 JAN 1889; d: 16 APR 1889)
  3. Samuel Deutsch (b: 23 AUG 1891)

Jacob Schoen

Jacob Schoen
1919 Passport
Dora Grossman
1923 Passport

Jakob Schon was born in Ujhely on August 17, 1870, the son of Moritz Majer Schon and Johana Klein. He emigrated from Bremen to New York around 1889 and was naturalized on February 13, 1903 in Southern District of New York. He worked as a diamond importer, and was president of the Hungarian Society of New York.

Jacob married Dora Grossman in Manhattan on March 31, 1895. Dora was born in Hungary on April 8, 1875. They had one child.

Jacob died on October 25, 1927 in Manhattan and was buried at Hungarian Union Field Cemetery in Glendale, New York. Dora never remarried. She died in February, 1961 and was buried with Jacob at Hungarian Union.

Child of Jacob Schoen and Dora Grossman:

  1. Stella Schoen (b: 3 FEB 1896; d: MAY 1975)

Samuel L. Schon

Samuel L. Schon was born in Ujhely on January 17, 1875, the son of Moritz Majer Schon and Johana Klein. He married Marie Martha Dix in Berlin, Germany on March 31, 1916. Marie was born in Jena, Germany on September 9, 1883. I have found no record of whether they had any children.

Samuel died in Berlin on April 4, 1920. Marie survived him.

Sarolta Schon

Sarolta Schon was born in 1876, the daughter of Moritz Majer Schon and Johana Klein. She married Samuel Ignac Vitorla in Satoraljaujhely, Slovakia on March 27, 1898. Samuel was born as Samuel Ignac Vitriol in Miskolc on January 16, 1876, but changed his name to Vitorla in 1901 along with a one-year-old boy named Laszlo, possibly a son from a previous marriage though I have found no record of it. Samuel was a rabbinical student at the time of the marriage, and later worked as an elementary school teacher. Sarolta and Samuel had at least 3 children, though two of them died of tuberculosis unmarried in their 20s.

Sarolta died of pneumonia in Budapest on August 10, 1935.

Children of Sarolta Schon and Samuel Ignac Vitorla:

  1. Renee Vitorla (b: 28 JAN 1902)
  2. Mor Vitorla (b: 1908; d: 4 MAY 1928)
  3. Jozsef Vitorla (b: 1911; d: 10 JUN 1937)

Szerena Schon

Szerena Schon was born in Ujhely, Zemplen, Slovakia on November 1, 1880, the daughter of Moritz Majer Schon and Johana Klein. She married Armin Fenyo in Budapest on March 6, 1925. Armin was born in Tugar (Nograd vm), Hungary on June 19, 1879. Armin was probably not related to Elza Magaziner's husband Sandor Fenyo, because both men changed their name from something different. Armin was a widower, but this was apparently Szerena's first marriage at the age of 44. I have found no record of them after their marriage.

Adolf Schon

Adolf Schon was born in Ujhely on October 21, 1882, the son of Moritz Majer Schon and Johana Klein. He worked as a teacher. He married Szerena Patai in the early 1900s. She was born Szerena Pollak in Nagykata in 1885, but her family changed the name to Patai in 1899, when she was 14 years old. Adolf and Szerena had at least one child.

Adolf died on February 4, 1945 in Budapest after he was shot, apparently in a residential neighborhood a few miles from his home. This was in the final days of the Siege of Budapest during World War II.

Children of Adolf Schon and Szerena Patai include:

  1. Rozsa Schon (b: 23 NOV 1913)

Henrik Szenes (Henrik Schon)

Henrik Schon was born in Ujhely on September 29, 1884, the son of Moritz Majer Schon and Johana Klein. He worked as a merchant. He was living in Vilagos in 1910 when he changed his name to Szenes.

Henrik was a pioneer of the Zionist movement in Arad, Romania in the 1920s. He moved to Tel Aviv in 1941, which was a part of the Palestinian Mandate at the time. There he ran a textile business, an orange plantation and a movie theater. In 1961, he visited New York as an Israeli citizen with his wife Iren (Irene), born in Arad on March 27, 1890. Henrik returned to Israel shortly after that trip. He died at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv. His death notice in a Hungarian newspaper mentions Dr. Marta Eilberg and Max, Henrik's grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It looks like Marta was Henrik and Iren's Israeli daughter and Max was her husband. Iren survived Henrik, but I have found no further records of her.

Generation #4

Stella Schoen

Stella Schoen Stella Schoen

Stella Schoen was born in Manhattan on February 3, 1896, the daughter of Jacob Schoen and Dora Grossman. Her name sometimes appears as Estelle or Estella. In 1922, social pages in New York reported that Estelle Schoen claimed to have "purchased an Austrian castle for $1,500." This is definitely the same person, because Stella and her parents returned from Europe the day before the story was published.

Stella apparently never married, because she was still single and living with her mother in the 1940 census, and no spouse was mentioned in her mother's 1961 obituary. I have found no record of her after her mother's obituary.

Renee Vitorla

Renee Vitorla was born in Borsod, Hungary on January 28, 1902, the daughter of Samuel Ignac Vitorla and Sarolta Schon. She married Istvan Marcell Wank in Budapest on July 20, 1930. Istvan was born in Budapest on January 22, 1906. I have found no further record of them.

Rozsa Schon

Rozsa Schon was born in Budapest, Hungary on November 23, 1913, the daughter of Adolf Schon and Szerena Patai. She married Imre Prifer in Budapest on June 1, 1936. Imre was born in Tolna, Hungary on February 14, 1912. The marriage was short-lived: they divorced a year later, on June 11, 1937. She apparently had not remarried by 1945, because she was the informant on her father's death certificate under her maiden name.

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