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Rachel Magaziner Stern

Rachel's Tree

In Humenne around 1825, Rachel Magaziner gave birth to Zsofia, the daughter of Tobias Stern. The only record I have found that clearly relates to this woman is Zsofia's 1900 Homonna death record, which identifies her parents as Tobias Stern and Rachel Magaziner. To have a child born in 1825, as Zsofia was, Rachel was probably born around 1805 or before. She could have been an early daughter of Lowi and Lea or possibly even Lowi's much younger sister. But there are no records available that early and Rachel and Stern are very common names so it can very hard to find anything records that clearly refer to her.

Rachel and Tobias probably had other children but no records are available early enough to be certain. I noticed an Abraham Stern in Humenne (also called Adolf) who had a child named Tobias and one named Zsofia, while Zsofia had a child named Tobias and one named Abraham who was known as Adolf. This doesn't seem like a coincidence. There are several other people with the surname Stern who gave their child the uncommon first name Tobias, but none of this is proof of a connection.

Children of Rachel Magaziner and Tobias Stern include:

  1. Zsofia Stern (b: 1825)

Generation #2

Zsofia Stern

Zsofia Stern was born in Humenne around 1825, the daughter of Tobias Stern and Rachel Magaziner. Her Hebrew name was Shifra, and she sometimes appears in records that way. She married Jakab Klein. This is the same name as the husband of another possible relative, Ester Magaziner, but this is certainly just a coincidence. Jakab Klein is a very common name and Zsofia and Ester's children's birth dates overlap.

Zsofia's husband Jakab was born in 1822. They had at least four children between 1846 and 1852. Jakab apparently died in Humenne on November 21, 1852. It is possible that this death record was for a different Jakab Klein, but Jakab and Zsofia had their last child in 1852 and Zsofia never remarried.

In the 1869 census, Zsofia was a widow living with three of their children (oldest child Pepi was married and probably living with her husband). Zsofia was working as innkeeper, an occupation pursued by several other Magaziners: Lowi, Emil and Anchell's widow Sari Ganzfried.

Zsofia died on March 21, 1900 in Humenne at the age of 74 and was buried in the Jewish cemetery in Humenne. Her death record and tombstone identify her as the widow of Jakab Klein.

Children of Zsofia Stern and Jakab Klein:

  1. Pepi Klein (b: 5 MAR 1846; d: 23 MAR 1890)
  2. Tobias Klein (b: 10 NOV 1850)
  3. Rezi Klein (b: 1852; d: 11 MAY 1920)
  4. Adolf Klein (b: 12 MAY 1852)

Generation #3

Pepi Klein Kaufman

Pepi Klein was born in Humenne on March 5, 1846, the daughter of Jakab Klein and Zsofia Stern. Her Hebrew name was Perl. She married Izrael Kaufman in Humenne on February 22, 1867. Izrael was born in Kelemes around 1839. They had at least one child, Jacob, born in Humenne.

Pepi died on March 23, 1890 in Humenne and was buried in the Jewish cemetery there. I have found no other information about Pepi's family.

Child of Pepy Klein and Izrael Kaufman:

  1. Jacob Kaufman (b: 6 DEC 1867)

Tobias Klein

Tobias Klein was born in Humenne on November 10, 1850, the son of Jakab Klein and Zsofia Stern. He married Rosalia Rosenfeld in Eperjes on May 1, 1877. Rosalia was born in Eperjes in 1856. They had at least two daughters: Aurelia born in Kassa and Margit born in Eperjes. Those two converted to Catholicism and changed their surname from Klein to Kis in 1900.

Rosalia died in Kassa on December 11, 1896 and was buried at the Jewish cemetery there. Tobias had already passed when Rosalia died, but I have found no record of his death or burial. I have also found no further information about their daughters or any other children they may have had.

Children of Tobias Klein and Rosalia Rosenfeld:

  1. Aurelia Kis (Klein) (b: 18 APR 1878)
  2. Margit Kis (Klein) (b: 23 MAY 1880)

Rezi Klein Tyrnauer

Rezi Klein was born in Humenne in 1852, the daughter of Jakab Klein and Zsofia Stern. She married Izidor Tirnauer (later spelled Tyrnauer) in Humenne on December 9, 1874. Izidor was born in Sztropko in 1851. He worked as spice merchant and a grocer. They had 8 children.

Rezi died on May 11, 1920 and was buried at the Jewish cemetery in Humenne. Izidor died in Budapest on November 15, 1922 and was buried at Kozma Utcai Izraelita Temeto there.

Children of Rezi Klein and Izidor Tirnauer:

  1. Jakab Tyrnauer (b: 4 NOV 1875; d: 23 MAR 1935)
  2. Frida Tyrnauer (b: 5 NOV 1876)
  3. Ch. Szure Tyrnauer (b: 24 JUL 1879)
  4. Rose Tyrnauer (b: 1880; d: 14 SEP 1960)
  5. Marjem Tyrnauer (b: 14 JUN 1881; d: 28 JAN 1895)
  6. Ignatz Tyrnauer (b: 6 MAR 1885; d: 31 DEC 1886)
  7. Tivadar Tyrnauer (b: 9 MAY 1887)
  8. Ervin Tyrnauer (b: 3 APR 1894)

Generation #4

Jakab Tyrnauer

Jakab Tyrnauer was born in Humenne on November 4, 1875, the son of Izidor Tyrnauer and Rezi Klein. Between 1898 and 1928, he worked as post office employee and rose to Post Office Inspector General.

In Kassa on May 21, 1899, Jakab married a definite member of this family: Sarolta Weinberger, the granddaughter of Fani Magaziner, so it's possible they are 2nd or 3rd cousins. Sarolta was born in Beregszasz, Hungary on December 24, 1877. They had four children.

Jakab died on March 23, 1935 in Budapest and was buried at Kozma Utcai Izraelita Temeto in 1935. Sarolta died of pneumonia in Budapest on January 24, 1941 and was buried with Jakab at Kozma utca.

For information about Jakab and Sarolta's family, see Sarolta Weinberger Tyrnauer.

Frida Tyrnauer Kohn

Frondel Tyrnauer was born in Humenne on November 5, 1876, the daughter of Izidor Tyrnauer and Rezi Klein. She later moved to France and went by Frida. She married Moses Joseph Kohn in France on February 15, 1910. Moses was born in Dukla, Galicia on July 15, 1860. They had a daughter. I have found no further information about Frida and Moses.

Children of Frida Tyrnauer and Moses Joseph Kohn:

  1. Suzanne Kohn (b: 9 APR 1900; d: 13 FEB 1996)

Rose Tyrnauer Marmorstein Martin

Rose Tyrnauer was born in Humenne around 1880, the daughter of Izidor Tirnauer and Rezi Klein. I have found no record of her birth, unless she is the same person as Ch. Szure Tyrnauer, born July 24, 1879. Rose came to America around 1900 and settled in Cleveland, Ohio.

Rose married Joseph Marmorstein in Cuyahoga County, Ohio on April 5, 1903. Joseph was born in Munkacs, Hungary on March 14, 1864. He came to America in November 1900 on the Nordland to New York. He worked as dry goods merchant. They had 2 children.

Joseph died on October 19, 1926 in Cleveland, Ohio and was buried at Glenville Cemetery. Rose survived him by more than 30 years but apparently never remarried. She moved to Akron, Ohio, near where her daughter Florence lived with her family, and lived out her life there. She later changed her surname to Martin, the surname that her son Seymour used. Rose died on September 14, 1960 at the City Hospital in Akron at the age of 80.

Children of Rose Tyrnauer and Joseph Marmorstein:

  1. Florence Marmorstein (b: 4 DEC 1904; d: 4 OCT 1992)
  2. Seymour Martin (b: 4 OCT 1909; d: 17 JUN 1966)

Tivadar Tyrnauer (Tobias)

Tobias Tyrnauer was born in Humenne on May 9, 1887, the son of Izidor Tyrnauer and Rezi Klein. He was later known as Tivadar Tyrnauer. He served in the military as served as 1st Lieutenant in Hungarian army in World War I. He was injured in action and was awarded the Military Cross of Merit with Swords in 1917. Later he worked as teacher.

Tivadar married Maria Breyer in Budapest on May 22, 1919. Maria was born in Budapest on April 14, 1897. I have found no record of either of them after the marriage or whether they had children.

Ervin Tyrnauer (Armin)

Armin Tyrnauer was born in Humenne on April 3, 1894, the son of Izidor Tyrnauer and Rezi Klein. He was later known as Ervin Tyrnauer. In 1925, Ervin worked as director of social affairs.

He married Livia Farago in Budapest on May 12, 1925. Livia was born in Budapest on April 4, 1905. They had a daughter.

Ervin apparently died during World War II, though I don't know if it was through the Holocaust or from other causes. Livia and their daughter moved to Australia, where Livia's sister lived. In Australia, she was known as Lilly and remarried to Martin Scharf. She died in Australia on June 7, 1967.

Children of Ervin Tyrnauer and Livia Farago:

  1. Agnes Tyrnauer (b: 4 FEB 1926; d: 17 DEC 2011)

Generation #5

Suzanne Kohn Weinberger

Suzanne Kohn was born in Paris, France on April 9, 1900, the daughter of Moses Joseph Kohn and Frida Tyrnauer. She married Joachim Weinberger in Paris, France on December 27, 1919. I have not found any indication that Joachim was related to the Weinbergers on the Magaziner family tree, such as Suzanne's aunt by marriage, Sarolta Weinberger. Suzanne died in Paris on February 13, 1996.

Florence Marmorstein Rosenfeld

Florence Marmorstein
Samuel Rosenfeld

Florence Marmorstein was born in Cleveland, Ohio on December 4, 1904, the daughter of Joseph Marmorstein and Rose Tyrnauer. She graduated from Smith College in 1926 and was later the president of the Smith College club. She worked as a teacher at Firestone High School and as a radio station writer for WAKR.

Florence married Samuel Edward Rosenfeld March 8, 1927. Samuel was born in Akron, Ohio on January 15, 1894, and Samuel and Florence lived in Akron for the rest of their lives. Samuel was a graduate of the University of Michigan and served in the Navy during World War I. He worked in real estate for most of his life. Florence and Samuel had a daughter who is still living.

Samuel died on April 25, 1973 in Akron, Ohio and was buried at Glendale Cemetery in Akron. Florence survived him by almost 20 years but never remarried. She died on October 4, 1992 in Akron and was buried with Samuel at Glendale Cemetery.

Seymour Martin (Marmorstein)

Seymour Martin
Seymour 1927

Seymour Marmorstein was born in Cleveland, Ohio on October 4, 1909, the son of Joseph Marmorstein and Rose Tyrnauer. He later changed his name to Seymour Martin, and many years later his mother also took that surname. Seymour worked as branch manager for A. Schulman, Inc., New York City, a plastics manufacturer.

Seymour married Madeline Mary Gardella. Madeline was born in Boston, Massachusetts on October 8, 1913. They had a daughter who is probably still living. They lived in Wells, Maine in their later years

Seymour died on June 17, 1966 in York Hospital, York, Maine and was buried at Ocean View Cemetery, Wells Maine. Madeline died on August 29, 1974 in Portland, Maine.

Agnes Tyrnauer Frater

Agnes Tyrnauer was born in Budapest on February 4, 1926, the daughter of Ervin Tyrnauer and Livia Farago. After World War II, she moved to Australia with her mother. In Australia, she married Dr. Stephen Frater and they had two children, probably still living.

Stephen apparently died on December 22, 2007 and was buried at Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium, North Ryde, Ryde City, New South Wales, Australia. Agnes died on December 17, 2011 and was buried with Stephen at Macquarie Park.

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